motherboard...... sli compatible

  Need4Speed 18:50 02 Nov 2005

Hi, bit confused on this. I have a ASUS A8N-SLI PREMIUM motherboard running a ATI RADEON X850 XT PE graphics card. Am I right in thinking that I could add another x850 xt pe card as well to one I already have and if cost wasnt an issue would it be worth it? Would I see much of a difference?

  007al 18:59 02 Nov 2005

you cant run two ati cards will need an ati crossfire chipset motherboard to do can only run two nvidia cards in sli,thats what the small cross board is for that came with your motherboard,it joins two nvidia cards at the top where the gold teeth are.
so,to use your sli board in sli mode,you will have to replace your ati card with nvidia cards,sorry

  007al 19:01 02 Nov 2005

did you buy these from the same place? if so,someone should have noticed the ati card and sli board and informed you of it

  Need4Speed 19:03 02 Nov 2005

bought it from mesh computers as a computer package. Which cost me a lot of money. :(

  007al 19:12 02 Nov 2005

its crazy that they sell them together!yes,the ati card will work,but for you to use the sli capabilities,you will need two nvidia cards.
there is no room to upgrade to a second card at a later means buying two cards instead of one.have you had it long? you could try explaining to them that you didnt know,and that they should have explained to you that sli is not an option with the card you have. an nforce4 ultra would have been the board to put a radeon card in,in my opinion.
i would definately ring them about it though.i just cant see any sense in it.

  Need4Speed 19:22 02 Nov 2005

Only just bought it as well, it ws given 5 stars from a leading pc magazine saying that it does all you want and more from a pc. Not impressed esp with the review from the mag which convinced me that this pc was the 1 to go for. What a waste of £1500.

The pc in question is a MESH MATRIX TITAN PCA.

If I had known this and rang up to order this machine would it have cost me much more to upgrade the card to 1 from the nvidia 7800 range. As I would have liked to get 2 of the same in the future and if I did change to the 7800 series, would there be much difference with 2 than just 1?

  007al 19:31 02 Nov 2005

it is a great pc,just doesnt make sense to have a radeon card in an sli mobo.
dont know costs of upgrading,you will have to ask mesh that.
the 7800 is a very powerful card on its own,two would be awsome.
sli doesnt use the x16 capabilities if pci halves it to x8.
nvidia are currently making an sli chipset to use the full x16 bandwidth if pci e.which is a bummer as ive not long built my system on an abit fatality sli board.
see if mesh can change anything for you.i would think there would be a charge for it though.

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