Motherboard return?

  Elrond 15:52 01 Jan 2006

I bought some PC components from EBuyer in mid december as presents that would go towards a PC build. got round to doing the build today and the PC doesnt boot up. on hitting the power button on the PC case there's no action. I've done a fair few builds before and never had a problem. This appears to be the first disaster. Would I be right in assuming that the MOBO may be faulty/DOA? I think the PSU is fine as it was from an existing PC that was running fine.

  Totally-braindead 15:56 01 Jan 2006

First thing I would do is remove the motherboard from the PC case and try running it on the bench in case its shorting against the computer case, this would stop it from running.

  handy4x 15:56 01 Jan 2006

check the clear cosmos jumper first as i had a board delivered with it on clear and that would not boot also remove all cables and check and re conect

  Elrond 15:58 01 Jan 2006

Ok will have a bash at our suggestions, thanks for the replies.

  Elrond 15:58 01 Jan 2006

That should be your not our.

  Elrond 17:05 01 Jan 2006

Right, have disconnected everything and taken the MOBO out of the case, hooked it up to the PSU outside the case and booted up and it ran. So i thought I'll carefully place the MOBO back in case making sure its ot touching the case using some of those little cardboardy disc things that look like washers? hooked it all back up and again it ran. However I'm getting no signal to my monitor so cant see how the boot process is going although one thing that suggests all may not be well apart from no signal is that even though everything is running i hear no boot success bios beep, so i imagine that if i could see something then it's possibly hanging at some point maybe? any ideas

  Elrond 17:13 01 Jan 2006

Just to add, another thing suggesting a hang is that I cant then turn off the PC by holding in the power button nor does the reset button have any effect.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:37 01 Jan 2006

REmove reseat graphics card (if fitted)

Check case wiring speaker and power cables to motherboard.

  Elrond 17:43 01 Jan 2006

Hi Fruit Bat

The graphics are onboard have also checked all cables to MOBO. Thanks for the response

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 01 Jan 2006

HDD leds lit noise from HDD? if so its passed BIOS and loading OP sytem.

Tried booting from a win 98 floppy?

  Elrond 18:00 01 Jan 2006

Hadn't atually noticed whether the HDD light was going before so have just gone to turn it on again and I'm back to square one. It doesn't want to boot again. Think I'm gonna have to go with a return.

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