Motherboard replacement - will XP re-activate?

  fudge 19:45 14 Oct 2008

My motherboard has faulty ram sockets and will only run with 1 250Mb module installed. Needless to say everything is a bit slow now!

The PC is a few years old but various devices, in particular the hard drive, have been replaced in recent months so I don't want to get a new PC if I can help it.

I'm not looking for a major upgrade so thought a new motherboard would be best. The hard drive and optical drives are IDE so I need a board which will support this. Plus I will need new CPU, Heatsink, PSU and RAM. AN Asus A8V SKT939 with Athlon 3800 will provide this and I can get everything locally.

My main concern is whether I can re-install Win XP with the existing validation. Also will there be any BIOS problems?

  Condom 20:02 14 Oct 2008

If you have original retail copy of XP then you should not have a problem with reinstallation of XP. You may need to contact MS by phone if your registration is rejected but that is not a problem. If you only have an OEM copy then you may run into problems both physically and legally but since you didn't have a problem with the new hard drive installation then I assume your XP disk is the retail version. I don't understand what you mean about BIOS problems. I assume that your planned CPU is designed to work in your MOBO and you can easily check that out at the ASUS site. Also make sure that your memory is able to work in the MOBO at optimum levels. I hope this helps but if not I'm sure there will be other comments along soon.

  laurie53 20:05 14 Oct 2008

Depends how many times you've done it before.

The first few are normally automatic, but then you have to telephone.

It's no problem though, takes just a few minutes. They give you a new one off activation code.

  fudge 20:16 14 Oct 2008

XP is an upgrade from Win ME - which was pre-installed. I don't have a CD. The upgrade was after the new hard drive was installed - which probably explains your comment about having no problems when I installed the new drive!

From the above comments looks as if I may have a problem!

  Zeppelyn 20:23 14 Oct 2008

If you have an upgrade disc then when you install the setup will ask you to place a qualifying Windows disc in the drive otherwise it wont install. Can be Win 98/Me or Win 2000 from memory.

  Zeppelyn 20:24 14 Oct 2008

It may accept a manufacturers restore CD but admit Im no expert here as I dont buy them.

  fudge 20:30 14 Oct 2008

I don't have an upgrade disc - it was a download. The original version of Win ME was on the manufacturers system recovery disc. Is this likely to qualify as an original disc?

  fudge 20:39 14 Oct 2008

Sorry, forget that last post. I'm getting confused between this PC and my laptop - call it an age thing!!!

I do have an XP disc, so hopefully I should be able to re-activate from that.

  Stuartli 20:41 14 Oct 2008

I've changed my motherboard two or three times since acquiring XP (Pro).

All that was required each time was an XP Repair. See:

click here

for details.

If you have the orginal validation code, then a copy of XP or XP Pro may well/should enable a Repair.

  Jim_F 21:14 14 Oct 2008

You will probably need to revalidate after the hardware changes (by phone) but I never found this a problem when I had a hardware failure so some credit to Microsofy for that !

  DieSse 22:22 14 Oct 2008

If you have an OEM XP CD, then legally you cannot transfer it to a substantially different system.

A new significantly higher performance motherboard/processor does count as a substantially different system (larger hard drives don't).

Technically, it might work, however.

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