Motherboard and PSU

  Eamon-1242315 21:13 24 Feb 2008

I am building a new PC with this set up:

GFX - nVidia GeForce 8800GTS 512MB PCI-E
RAM- Corsair 4GB PC2-6400 C5 DHX (2x2GB)
CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad - Q6600 - 95W G0 stepping - OEM (no fan/cooler)
CPU Fan - Akasa AK-965 Intel 92mm Heatpipe Cooler (775)
Hard Drive - 320GB Seagate Barracuda SATA2 16MB
PSU - ?
Motherboard - ?
Any other component I have missed?

I have around £85 to spend and need those two items for that price. I need a quality motherboard compatible with those components and a PSU powerful enough for these parts but also quiet and cheap. Only problem is I dont know anything about PSUs or Mobos so I need our help. Please suggest PSUs and Mobos for my new rig!


  citadel 21:32 24 Feb 2008

I would expect to spend that amount on the psu for example corsair hx 620. the psu is one of the most important parts of a pc and it is always best to get a quality unit, you will save money with one of these as they are efficient and keep your elctricity use down + high end graphics cards like a stable power rail.
for a motherboard a asus ip35, a few to choose from. selection at

  MAT ALAN 21:43 24 Feb 2008

click here


click here

selection of PSUs

Only problem you got is the amount you want to spend is not nearly enough to do your setup justice...

  Eamon-1242315 21:50 24 Feb 2008

thanks for your responses

What power rating would i need? 700W or more?
Which motherboards are actually compaible with my set up? I am willing to spend up to £100 pounds if need be.

  Eamon-1242315 22:05 24 Feb 2008

PSU - click here

will that suffice as a PSU for my set up? From what I hear its quiet and easy to manage. Please help!

  citadel 22:18 24 Feb 2008

asus p5k-e/wifi-ap ip35 s775 or any i35. x38, 780i, 750i. these are future proof as they are ready for the next gen of cpu's from intel when they come out.
on the one I mention you could overclock the 6600 to over 3g.
you do not mention a case or an oem windows disc.

  Eamon-1242315 17:16 25 Feb 2008

thanks alot mate. which PSU do I need for my set up? Thanks again

  citadel 18:57 25 Feb 2008

that psu you linked is ok.

  DieSse 19:34 25 Feb 2008

I use a Thermaltake PSU (not that one, a lower power one) - it's excellent - very quiet. And they have a very good reputation (which is why I bought it!).

  Eamon-1242315 19:52 25 Feb 2008

well whats the min power I need? I need to save money so how many Watts would I need to run my system? Thanks

  harps1h 20:42 25 Feb 2008

can you tell us what yoyr OS would be. Unless your are using a 64 bit OS (eg. windows xp x64) your are wasting money putting 4GB of ram. My advice would be to put in a matching pair of sticks as a dual channel and run with that. Then use the saved money to add to your psu and mobo budget.

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