Motherboard problems.

  Iceman1978 08:50 15 May 2003

Ive just bought a new ecs L4S8A2 motherboard, I connected all the various connecters, but when I turn on the power I get no harddrive activation light on at the front of the case & the macine wont boot up.
So I think I might have set the front panel connecters wrong. I have the following connectors, connected to a 10 pin header:

-P LED 1pin - connected to pin 4
+P LED 1pin - connected to pin 2
H.D.D LED 2pin - connected to pin 1 & 3
POWER SW 2pin - connected to pin 5 & 7
RESET SW 2pin - connected to pin 6 & 8

All I can get to work is the power on & off, nothing else seems to work, can anyone give my a idea on the correct pins to use.

  AndySD 08:58 15 May 2003

Is the On/Off switch light comming on?

Its more likely that you have sonething else connected wrongly. Are you recieving any beeps?

Check the powersuply connection to the motherbaord is firmly in place, then remove the RAm from the board and reseat it... but only use one stick to start with. (add the others later)

  keith-236785 09:37 15 May 2003

All the case connectors (reset switch, hdd led, power led etc) can be removed temporarily, just leave the power and case speaker connected. try to power up your system, it could be possible that the reset button is stuck. If your pc then boots up, shut down or switch off if you havent got windows( you can force a shutdown by keeping the power button pressed for a few seconds), then connect the other leads except reset, try again. If it is still ok then shut again and connect reset, if nothing then you know what it is. hope this helps

  Iceman1978 09:40 15 May 2003

I dont get any beep when I power up, Ill have to retry all the other components tonight. Probably try resetting the processor again.

  keith-236785 07:41 20 May 2003

if you arent getting any beeps at all and you know the power is reaching your motherboard i would suspect the memory is not seated properly, or the graphic card, both of these would result in no beeps, UNLESS the speaker wire is on the wrong pins, then you wont get beeps either, process of elimination. remove memory and reseat, same with graphic card, check wiring of speaker. try again. if you have no luck please post back here.

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