Motherboard problems

  Lee12 07:48 20 Nov 2007

Hi, everyone this is long so please bear with me. I have a HDD that I took off a Dell desktop and connected up to my Compaq Presario s50000NX. The OS in the HDD is running Windows Millennium ME. The problem that I am having is my settings the Video Card. I have basic resolution setting and 16 colors, trying to change the color resolution from the display tab (When I go to desktop properties>Settings>Color (16 or 256 colors, etc)) BUT I seem to not have the option to do so. The only option I have is 16 colors or 2 colors which is black and white. It only stays at 640 X 480 pixels. My desktop is blury because of the settings.
Also in Device manager where theres CD-ROM, Disk drive, floppy disk controller ETC: under OTHER DEVICES there is PCI Multimedia Audio device, PCI System, Management Bus, PCI Realtek RTL 8139 (A) –based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter, PCI WDM Communication Device. I have yellow question marks which indicates there not functioning which they are not.
I can’t seem to find the download for the Motherboard firmware or drivers. Can anyone please help me out?

  brundle 08:04 20 Nov 2007

If you mean you took a drive with an installed OS for another machine, out of that machine and are trying to use it without reformatting or re-installing Windows in your current machine, even after finding the drivers there will be underlying problems that'll make Windows Millennium even more unreliable than it already is, which is pretty awful at the best of times in my experience.
You're better off re-installing from a Windows CD if you have one.

  xania 09:05 20 Nov 2007

Totally agree with Brundle. For the drivers, I assume you mean S5000NX

click here

  Lee12 09:12 20 Nov 2007

Thanks, I was thinking about that, but was not sure. I will go ahead and do that.

  keef66 09:18 20 Nov 2007

me too. Format the HDD and install a Windows OS of your choice. Then the motherboard drivers, then drivers for anything else, then antivirus and firewall, then onto the web and get any critical Windows updates.

The route you are currently pursuing will result in nothing but misery.

  Lee12 09:32 20 Nov 2007

another thing, will I be able to save my data if I upgrade from Windows Millennium to WinXP?

  MAJ 09:56 20 Nov 2007

The processor is fast enough to support XP, but apparently the Compaq Presario s50000NX shipped with only 128 MB of memory. If that is the case then you'll need to upgrade the nemory to around 512MBs (will work on 256MB, but slowly). click here

You would be wise to backup all your important files first, reformat the hard drive and install XP, rather than going the upgrade route. The upgrade route using the XP CD will retain all your files, but things can go wrong and you could lose all. Better safe than sorry, plus, a clean install is much more stable in the long run.

  MAJ 09:58 20 Nov 2007

Obviously, I mean the Compaq Presario S5000NX, lol, made the same typo.....

  keef66 11:20 20 Nov 2007

can you install this hdd in another working pc as a slave? then you can copy / backup all your data, photos, music, emails etc.

Forget upgrading from Me to XP; clean install of XP much better. Min of 512mb ram needed

  Lee12 18:33 20 Nov 2007

Can any of you please explain further on the difference between (reformat hard drive then install XP) rather than going the upgrade route.

Then the last response (Forget upgrading from Me to XP; clean install of XP much better)
also I upgraded to 759MB of RAM

  Lee12 22:53 20 Nov 2007

Most of my files are pictures that I saved. When I try to back them up on a CD,a dialog box appears stating:
(The Application requirs that your Video display must be configured to support no less then 256 colors. So I have no alternative but to do a clean install and hope I don't loose them.

excuse me for asking a dump question, but please explain between a Clean install with WinXP and a upgrade with WinXP?

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