motherboard problems

  paz57 19:26 28 Jun 2004

hi, i have a mobo gone down and it is a Leadtek Winfast K7N41 socket A , can antone tell me thedirect replacement for this board and the model number plsm am i right in saying that any k7 socket mobo will do or i horribly wrong...thanks

  jonnytub 19:39 28 Jun 2004

what other components are in your system ?

  jonnytub 19:49 28 Jun 2004

also how do you know its the mobo

  chorlton 20:27 28 Jun 2004

check your CPU type (athlon, duron, AThlon XP etc.)
Then make a list of the things you want/need on the board. Video, sound, network, usb2 etc. and check out the manufacturers. I would suggest ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI are all good makes. Make sure your existing memory is supported and that the IDE is the speed you want.
If you don't know the spec of the board you already have then check out the leadtek website to confirm.
Any good socket A board should take your CPU but always make sure before you buy.

  paz57 21:40 28 Jun 2004

every thing else in the system has been changed except the mobo, changed or renewed, i have at the mo a 128 graphics and usb2 card and soundcard, and 512 memory ddr.
The initial problem was no bios beep....thanx

  hardware technician guy 21:46 28 Jun 2004

click here try here my local supplier

  paz57 23:40 01 Jul 2004

hi, new mobo fitted but no power now when i push power button, led on the memory is alight , i think the wiring is confusing from the power switch and reset switch, it says put in power switch, reset and hdd leads in and power sleep, i only have 3 leads no power sleep, i prsume the white common leads are negative and the various colours are positive?, but when i put leads i have 2 pins not doing nothing....thanx mp

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