motherboard problem

  karl1483 19:55 08 Jun 2004

i have just recently porchased an MSI KM4M SERIES MOTHERBOARD model number ms-6734 i have also puchased an athlon 2000+ and 256 ddr(2100) i have put it all together and it will only boot up if i set the fsb to 133 if i set it at 2oo it does not work full stop.when it does boot up(only when fsb setto 133) it keeps saying there is an error and the computer has shut down and that i need to check the hard drive which i have done and changed.i cant boot into bios and basicaly at wits end anyone got any ideas as whats up been at it since 1400hrs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  bremner 19:58 08 Jun 2004

The FSB for that CPU is 133Mhz thats why it doesn't like 200Mhz - it doesn't want to fry

  karl1483 20:03 08 Jun 2004

when it does boot up it only sees it as a 1250mhz

  MartinT-B 20:07 08 Jun 2004

OK YOu need to set the Multiplier in the bios.

Of the top of my head that'll be 15 (15x133=1995 = 2000) It looks like it's set for 9.5 atm (133 x 9.5 = 1263.5)

  karl1483 20:10 08 Jun 2004

i cant get into bios it is not playing wen i press delete any sugesstions

  goonerbill 20:14 08 Jun 2004

the athlon 2000+ needs a fsb of 133mhz and a multiplier of 12.5 ( this should be locked on the chip) as its correct speed is 1.67 ghz, not 2000 or 2.0 ghz

  MartinT-B 20:15 08 Jun 2004

To access BIOS you may need to press a diff key (it's not always Del.) Hopefully you'll find yours here click here

  MartinT-B 20:26 08 Jun 2004


mea culpa mea culpa

Goonerbill is right. It's so long since I put my PC togetehr I had forgotten. My AMD XP 2400 is at 166x12 - it should be 133x15, but I slightly overclocked it to match the RAM (I just logged rebooted to check).

You have a 2000 which has a lower multiplier.

So sorry.

/makes a mental note to check before he posts....

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