Motherboard or PSU problem

  newface 21:27 28 Jan 2004

I was give an old Slot 1 Intel 300Mhz PC with an AOpen AX6BC motherboard. I was warned that it might be a bit "flaky", but it worked well for a couple of years. Last week it would not boot up. There was no beep, and the screen stayed. The person who had given me it said the m/board was probably gone and sold me a cheap AMD 500Mhz cpu and Gigabyte ga 5aa m/board. When I installed the new combo, I still had the problem, but also found that I could not power the PC off from the power button on the front, but had to swith off at the back off the base unit. Now there is just no power at all to the PC. Has anyone any ideas? Is it worth buying an inexpensive PSU? or do I need yet another M/board. Thanxs in anticipation.

  Big Elf 22:37 28 Jan 2004

If you're still using the same PSU then it could be coincidence but it could possibly be that the PSU is faulty.

  DieSse 22:47 28 Jan 2004

The only way you'll find out what's gone is by substituting known good parts, until you find what works. This is actually the only practicable way of testing parts.

At the moment it sounds like a faulty PSU - but could also be many other things - bad connections - bad processor - bad RAM - bad motherboard - anything plugged into the motherboard bad.

It's also possible that you haven't connected the front panel cables correctly to the new motherboard.

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