Motherboard or powerbutton problem?

  JasperJackal 13:56 09 Mar 2007

Can someone help me please? I think technology may have got the better of me.


Wanting to upgrade the above rig, I just bought a motherboard/processor bundle (WINFAST N570SM2AA-8EKRS2H / AMD Athlon X2 4600+), an ATI Saphire Radeon X1650 Pro and 2 gigs of DDR533 PC4200 RAM.

I have been dabbling with the insides of various PCs since about '93 so I don't really consider myself a newbie. That said, in the area of the motherboard I have to say that I am a little bit green.

When the new bits arrived I was somewhat daunted to notice that there weren't any instructions for the installation of the mb. However, there is a nice big colour map identifying all the numerous components and there weren't any glaringly big differences between the existing mb and the replacement. Feeling a little more confident, I proceeded.

I won't go into the details of swapping the boards over as I'm sure that most of you have probably already done it. There weren't any problems until it came to the wiring for the front panel, the pins being slightly different in arrangement. The colour map wasn't really any help here either as that particular area on it is NOT colour and doesn't show which way the leads should go.

On my 1st attempt, the PC wouldn't even boot, so I swapped some of the wires around and, although I didn't have any LEDs lit up, the PC did boot.

This is where I ran into my 2nd problem. The hard drive wasn't being detected (but I could see it in the BIOS, which was a bit confusing). I sorted this problem by completely re-installing XP and eventually had windows up and running.

And this is where I ran into my 3rd problem. Windows would read and execute commands from the hard drive but wouldn't from any CDROMs (my hd is divided into 5 partitions storing music, photos, game updates, paging file, utilities etc so installing some other stuff was ok), but I wasn't able to install drivers for the mb or the graphics card from the provided CDROMs.

It occurred to me that if the drivers for the mb and 3d card were already on the hd then installing them would be simple. So I proceeded to remove the new mb and re-install the old one

When I had everything inside the box, I switched the power on at the wall and the PC booted immediately (without my touching the power button on the front of the PC).

Back to problem 2, the hd wasn't being recognised! At this stage I have to say I am getting a little peeved. I also noticed through several reboots that the power button has stopped working. Initially, I wasn't overly concerned with this as the pc was booting when power was switched on at the wall.

And then that stopped too!

There is power getting to the mb as there is a light which says so. But, that's it. Nothing else is happening.

The power button doesn't appear to be easy to get at, so I don't know if there is anything physically wrong with it. My suspicion points me to the wiring on front panel, but I may have that wrong.

I sould add that I always wear a grounding strap attached to the casing.

There's my problems folks, I hope there is someone out there who can help.



  Gongoozler 14:08 09 Mar 2007

The power button is simply a "push to make" type, i.e. when you push the button the contacts make, when you release it the contacts break. You can achieve the same effect by momentarily shorting the motherboard power switch pins together. You can also temporarily use the reset button for the same purpose. When things don't work, I always like to revert to the minimum setup. Motherboard with CPU and heatsink, PSU connector, power switch and case speaker. This should boot to a series of error POST beeps because of the absence of memory or graphics card. If the motherboard doesn't respond correctly then you have very few components to investigate.

There is often a BIOS setting to start the computer as soon as power is applied.

  JasperJackal 14:49 09 Mar 2007

Thanks Gongoozler, I shall try that.

If anyone else has any further suggestions please do suggest away. I'm stuck at home anyway lol.

Thanks again



  thms 15:26 09 Mar 2007

As you say WinFast is not the best for giving info on the front panel connector. Try removing all leads for front panel except power button.
Switch on if no joy reverse the leads.

Some power buttons require to be held in for a few seconds before they respond.

Also when installing a new motherboard it is best to format and clean install windows.

Set bios to auto detect hd. Check all cables are secure, mainly hd and cd drives and that they are the right way round. Also remove graphics card and memory and re-seat to ensure they are secure.

  thms 15:32 09 Mar 2007

Just a thought but what size is your psu?
I would think you would need a min of 450w.

  Gongoozler 17:45 09 Mar 2007

To clarify a couple of points.

Generally the advice given by thms is correct, but there is no point in reversing the leads to either the power or reset switches. As I said earlier the switches are only doing the same as momentarily shorting the motherboard switch pins. They are not polarity sensitive. Whether the switch needs to be held in for a few seconds depends on the motherboard and PSU, not the switch.

The LED indicators are polarity sensitive, but if you get it wrong, no harm is done, the LEDs just don't illuminate.

The case speaker is also insensitive to polarity.

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