motherboard max ram 05:55 24 Jul 2007

morning, if you have a motherboard with 4 ram slots everything tells you each slot will take 1 gb, is this due to voltages or the fact that 1gb sticks were the norm when the board was made?
the reason i ask is i wondered what this bad boy was for click here just curious!

  crosstrainer 06:11 24 Jul 2007

It depends on what your board can support....

Run this to find out.

click here

  Gongoozler 07:12 24 Jul 2007

I think the memory limit for each slot is due to addressing limitations of the motherboard.

  dan* 07:20 24 Jul 2007

It's for a 64bit motherboard that has a 64bit cpu running a 64bit operating system.

Win98se, ME, win2000, win XP and Vista 32 are all 32bit operating systems so have a total memory limit of 4Gb.

Windows 64bit and Vista 64 bit have a memory limit of in excess of terabytes. 07:21 24 Jul 2007

thanks guys, i just wondered, got 2 motherboards they both have 4 slots and each say 4gb max ie 1 gb per slot, just wondered if 2 slot boards could get more than 2 gb.
thanks guys 07:27 24 Jul 2007

i wondered because i was reading (sorry cant find the thread) about a group of people who re- mapped 8 gb on a vista gaming pc with impressive results. i bought my first pc last july it came with 512 mg i upgraded it to 2 gb and everyone i knew called that overkill, now it seems 2 gb is nothing special, with vista and gaming! how quickly things move! wont be long before budget pc's have 4 gb as standard i suppose.

  dan* 07:32 24 Jul 2007

Vista basic 64bit will take a max of 8gb now. Ulitimate+ will take 128Gb+. It's just getting a motherboard and memory modules to run that high.

Give it 5 years and we may be running modules of 512Gb:)

click here 07:44 24 Jul 2007

im 39 and my first computer (zx81) had a massive 1k of ram. the computer was very small and low profile. but you could change that by adding something the size of a small saloon car to the back known as a 16k ram pack:) how things change!

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