Motherboard manual needed

  s99Raj 10:50 17 Apr 2005

I have a motherboard with the number E139761 written on it. Can anyone help me find the manual for it please? I've tried Google but still haven't come up with much.

  ACOLYTE 10:55 17 Apr 2005

The number itself wont help a great deal,what we need is the Maker of the Mobo then it would be easier to track down the manual.But it seems its an Intel Mobo but when i try to get the link to the manual IE blocks the page as its in my restricted sites zone.

  s99Raj 11:05 17 Apr 2005

I've looked carefully all over the board but can't see much that would identify it, but I do know that it came from a Gateway FED 750 computer.

  Belatucadrus 11:10 17 Apr 2005

According to Intel, E139761 is the "UL joint US/Canada Recognized Component mark" found on one of their D850MD Motherboards click here in which case, the manual is here click here .

  Stuartli 11:22 17 Apr 2005


click here

It appears to be an Intel mobo with the AA number: AA720932-210, but the latter is a possibility rather than fact.

There are links as well to manuals, drivers etc here:

click here

but I keep getting a timeout on the links..:-(

  s99Raj 11:37 17 Apr 2005

I've had a look at that, but it doesn't resemble the board I have.

  s99Raj 11:50 17 Apr 2005

I get timeouts on the links too or that the links contain no data. Still no luck with the manual. Aaargh!

  s99Raj 13:29 17 Apr 2005

All I'm trying to do is connect a tower cases wires (HDD, Power, etc) onto the motherboard. The pins on the motherboard are not labelled. There are 6 pairs of pins followed by a single pin followed by another pair.
Would anyone know what goes where?

  s99Raj 13:53 17 Apr 2005

Found it - the markings for the pins are in the middle of the m/b !

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