Motherboard Infected ?

  DomJolly 14:32 27 Oct 2004

Ive recently had loads of probs with pop ups, hijacking and various other errors and lockups. i decided to format and re install everything which i did. within minutes of finishing installing evrything ive got the same trouble with IE already keeps changing home pages etc... can these bugs etc be written to the motherboard and therefore cant be removed. Any info on how to completetly re install with a absolutely clean set up..

im running P3 800, Windows ME , Broadband connection..
Dom ...

  Noelg23 14:46 27 Oct 2004

well nots let get to that yet...have you got any spyware removal or ad-aware software at all?

  DomJolly 14:54 27 Oct 2004

yes used lavasoft adware, bulletproof ps spyware remover amonst others. they seem to find several intrutions but dont remove all... i thought if i re installed after a format this should clear it.

internet explorer was re infected with search.blank BEFORE i could even get the updates for the above software.

pulling my hair out now

  Noelg23 15:02 27 Oct 2004

well looks more like the hard drive as well as the motherboard maybe infected so it could be a whole host of things really...but most likely hardware the way did you notice anything strange when you reinstalled Windows at all like any halts or errors that you may have just ignored at all?

  curlylad 15:20 27 Oct 2004

Was gonna say disable Messenger service but you can't in ME so along with the other spyware removers you have I would try a²free here click here and get a pop up stopper like this one click here

  DomJolly 15:29 27 Oct 2004

No Never noticed nothing different on re install.
now going to try both of those progs.

I think this HDD may be getting "tired" and worn (5 Years old) so maybe a new larger upgrade HDD might be on the cards..

  Noelg23 15:32 27 Oct 2004

blimey a 5yr old HDD that might say it all then...well good luck with those softwares but if that still dont work and you want a new HDD go to click here

  rômanab 16:09 27 Oct 2004

These may be of interest click here click here although I don't believe "about blank" click here can do that, you must just have been unlucky. It's tricky to remove and it would probably be best to post a HijackThis log at a spyware site such as click here you will need to register.

  DomJolly 16:28 27 Oct 2004

thanx everyone for your help. im trying all the suggestions now.

  Gaz W 17:04 27 Oct 2004

I can't see it being the motherboard that is infected. If you have formatted the hard drive, a clean install should wipe off all spyware.

You aren't by any chance restoring a system backup from something like Norton Ghost are you?

Also, dare I ask, is the Windows ME CD a legitimate one? I only ask this because if it was a "backup" copy, there is a chance that it could contain a virus.

What I think is likely though, is that you have reinstalled Windows, then accessed the Internet on your broadband connection, without antivirus, firewall or spyware removal software to begin with. This always causes trouble for me, so I make sure I have a copy of AVG Antivirus 6 (free), ZoneAlarm Free Edition and Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition (their new free one) on CD to install before connecting to the net.

OK, installing the firewall first can cause problems, but it's better than getting viruses and spyware.

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