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  BLACK CATS 15:23 30 Jun 2004

A friend of mine has blown his motherboard on his Fujitsu Siemens Scalio 600 . On contacting Fujitsu he is advised on approx £200 for a replacement board - this seems a bit excessive , the board is described by Fujitsu Siemens as a D1325 , Intel 845 Chipset for SDRAM (PC 133) Memory and Intel Pentium 4 processors . I would imagine he should be able to obtain a compatible board elsewhere the question is will asking for a
Fujitsu Siemens D1325 Compatible Motherboard be sufficient .

Many thanks

  SEASHANTY 15:38 30 Jun 2004

Probably not. Although its a standard size ATX motherboard it appears to be built by Fujitsu - Siemens to their spec
click here
so its unlikely it will be available elsewhere. Probably why the price is so high although it is a well built board with six PCI slots.

  SEASHANTY 19:27 30 Jun 2004

If you print out the spec from the link I gave above
then ask at your local computer shop (or even check
out some manufacturers websites) then you should find a cheaper similar board. Its only USB1 and PC133 memory so it isn't all that special. You should now get USB2. It really depends if its worth
it though. Did the "blow up" also damage the CPU, which I note is a P4, is the memory also ruined?
Perhaps Fujitsu also included the CPU and memory in the price?

  Tinkey Winkey 22:37 30 Jun 2004

Your local PC builder/repair shop could try fitting a new motherboard into the existing fujitsu case.

If the case only takes fujitsu sized boards then he can supply a standard sized ATX case that regular motherboards will fit into for not much money.

This would be the cheapest option assuming the cpu ,ram etc are ok.

My local PC shop wouldn't even charge me if he was unable to do it.

Bare in mind that there are plenty of people especially small local sytem builders can sell you a decent brand new higher spec pc for just £200 withought windows.

If you have the original windows CD from the Fujitsu you could use that or ask the shop to load it on for you.

Otherwise expect to add between £60-90 for windows xp oem.

I have just bought a new high spec motherboard for just £24 with 5 pci slots ,usb 2.0 ,5.1 sound etc, etc (although it was for an amd processor compatible board rather than intel pentium so you may have to pay a bit more.)

I would seriously question giving Fujitsu £200 to fit an old motherboard into an aging PC when there are better and cheaper options avilable.

Fujitsu are having a laugh at your expense I reckon.

  Tinkey Winkey 22:42 30 Jun 2004

I have just built a whole new PC for my daughter for £200 !

  woodchip 22:47 30 Jun 2004

It would be cheaper to buy a new case and mobo then fit the bit's from is old comp

  Gaz W 23:17 30 Jun 2004

Why does the board have to be "Fujitsu-Seimens D1325 compatible" - any board would do as a replacement, as long as it's Pentium 4 compatible, but I'd recommend DDR instead of PC 133 memory and USB 2 as mentioned above.

I've often installed motherboards and just used the same Windows installation without any trouble; it just detected all the hardware again and I had to install a couple of drivers, but other than that it was fine. I've never done that with Windows XP (Home or Pro) though, but I'd imagine you'd need to be careful with XP Home in particular; I've heard it doesn't like changes of hardware.

  woodchip 23:24 30 Jun 2004

It may not fit the case

  SEASHANTY 15:44 01 Jul 2004

The D1325 is a standard full size ATX motherboard
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