Is this motherboard good enough?

  Depakjan 08:45 24 Jun 2006

I am thinking about buying a new motherboard and processor.. Intel D101Ggc .. Is this motherboard good for gaming.. It has one pci express 8x slot.. One agp slot and also sata support.. The main thing is it has onboard graphics of 256mb.. And its somewhat cheap.. Please tell whether this motherboard is good for gaming.. And if not please suggest me a motherboard which is importantly cheap and best..

  gudgulf 10:29 24 Jun 2006

Overall it should be a good budget gaming board.

It does not appear to have an AGP slot however, but a x16 PCI-e slot and a X! PCI-e slot with two further PCI expansion slots.

It uses Socket 775 so the cpu you already have wont fit.However it supports all socket 775 Celeron and P4 cpus and some (but not all) of the intel Dual Core processors.

Review click here

Now to the onboard graphics.....the Radeon X300 based graphics are much better than most onboard types,BUT they are only borderline for modern games.Have a look at this review of a similar board with the ATI 200 chipset/x300 onboard graphics click here and this pge in particular click here

They managed to run the Source engine...So HalfLife2 is possible and Need for Speed Underground 2 with the onboard graphics.

Your choice of motherboard would be a good base on which to build a budget gaming system and the onboard graphics are good enough to allow you to at least play any game you want(at lowish settings)which ,from your other posts,I see your current setup certainly wont do.

  citadel 13:37 24 Jun 2006

you are going to need a graphics card to play games, otherwise games will be like watching a slide show in low detail.

  ed-0 14:55 24 Jun 2006

You should also note that the 256Mb of on-board graphics, comes from the computers main memory. You would need to check the manual but I think you would need at least a 512Mb dimm of memory.This would probably allocate around 128Mb to the graphics chip and 384Mb to windows. You may have to use 1Gb of memory to get the graphics chip to use 256Mb of memory and 754Mb to windows.

As I say, you need to check the manual for settings.

  Depakjan 07:01 25 Jun 2006

Thank you for the info guys.. But the onboard concept.. The current motherboard which i have allows the highest video share of 64 only.. In this motherboard what will be the max i can get..Means if i put 1gb ram can i get 512mb video share..

  Diodorus Siculus 07:59 25 Jun 2006

Intel® Desktop Board D101GGC - Integrated Video Specifications
"with up to 256MB reserved graphics memory"
click here

Giving over 256mb RAM to the graphics component does not equate to a machine that has a dedicated 256mb card; nor indeed are all cards the same.

Most low end cards will beat shared graphics although that is beginning to change.

  gudgulf 12:42 25 Jun 2006

You need to understand that the amount of vido memory that a graphics card or onboard graphics has bears no relation to the performance of the graphics.

What the graphics card does with its memory is to store te textures,map details and a 1 or 2 frame buffer to help smooth gameplay.On a basic graphics card and onboard graphics where you will be using relatively low resolution and no antialiasing or other intense graphical effects that does not add up to much.

128MB would be more than enough.

The performance of the graphics depends on the speed of the GPU,the number of pixel pipelines and the speed of the memory it has amongst other things.

I will repeat that the x300 onboard graphics are the best onboard setup by far....and WILL play just about any game.Read the review I posted.

It isn't anywhere near as powerful as a modest dedicated graphics card but it will get you going until you can add one.

You will be best using 1GB of RAM to allow for the onboard graphics allocation and leave plenty for Windows and the game itself.

The best option is to let the graphics use what it wants and needs...and no more!

Leave the rest for Windows and remember that all games load far more into the normal system memory than is used by the video card.

  Depakjan 21:54 25 Jun 2006

Thank you guys.. Guess its worth buying that motherboard after all..

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