motherboard fried by dvb dongle aerial

  micktrish 04:08 11 May 2009

With a little help of an external amplified aerial...anyway tried to get a signal on my media centre with one of those stupid little aerials, no joy, so i tapped into my main aerial which i forgot was power amplified in the loft,brilliant 80 odd stations for all but 5 mins and now i get DMA fatal error...stripped the computer down reseated the RAM and just left a SATA drive with 'C' on it...well it loaded up but the mouse will not move. tried several combinations using the IDEs(Slaved)- definately will not boot up with anything connected to them..use the SATA and its ok but no mouse.anyone any experience of this, anyway a new board is coming, that'll teach me to put 3.5v into the dvb dongle

  ened 07:03 11 May 2009

Several issues here. Mouse first:

Have you tried a ps2 mouse?

If you have and still no joy, go into Device Manager and remove the Mouse Driver then re-boot.

  crosstrainer 08:24 11 May 2009

Those boosters can cause damage to TV equipment as well....I avoid them after I touched the aerial plug with slightly damp fingers and received a mild electric shock!

Sounds as if you have burned out uou input ports, but suggest you try ened's suggestion first, before shelling out for a new mobo.

  micktrish 14:16 11 May 2009

Thanks guys.
i'll try the mouse drivers bit, but you know i can sense that the board will never be the same somehow.

  mooly 18:05 11 May 2009

The problem is this. Any TV or DVD recorder has a switch mode power supply that runs at a high frequency and due to "coupling" both capacitive and inductive, internally in the equipment a significant voltage can be present on an aerial system. It shouldn't happen but it does.
Nothing to do with booster amps or to much signal, the signal is in the millivolt range at best. You can actually "draw an arc" from the aerial outer connection of many TVs if you partially insert the aerial plug. Won't kill you but if you have wet hands can be unpleasant.

  micktrish 05:21 12 May 2009

i think i get your point, so it killed the motherboard cos i was a (edit)stupid to plug it in then - dont suppose theres a workaround

  micktrish 05:23 12 May 2009

ps mouse aint working so gonna be a pig with the new motherboard having not uninstalled previous non microsoft drivers - never mind

  mooly 07:20 12 May 2009

Don't know if anything available off the shelf (isolators). You could try grounding the outer of the coax, there are no safety implications with all this, just a matter of making sure the system has no voltage on it.

  micktrish 17:33 12 May 2009

em..understand the grounding of the outer coax but there still would be power on the inner wire and then theres the knock on effect to the amp in in the loft...might be easier to just put another stand alone aerial up alongside the exsisting one...anyway thanks for you thoughts

  mooly 17:40 12 May 2009

Theres no voltage on the inner ! At the frequencies involved (TV Channels) 600 to 900mhz things don't behave as you expect. It's quite posible to find a single turn coil of wire across center to outer, there quite probably is in the aerial amp. Stick a pin through an aerial lead shorting it out and the signal can actually increase on certain channels...

  mooly 17:43 12 May 2009

Are you thinking of the 12 volts to power the amp if it's that type. That should not be present on any feeds out of the distribution amp. Have a measure.

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