motherboard fan - sounds like a motorbike !

  SHARON B 14:29 30 Jun 2004

This terrible noise is coming from my pc - not all the time - but even when the loud 'revving' has stopped, it sounds noisier than it should. after closer inspection, i believe it to be the motherboard fan . It does not appear to be spinning properly - cos you can see the fins moving & you can also see it slowing down then quickening up (if you know what i mean! - normally it is just a blur) I have AIDA32 and the temps are reporting 51 degrees for m/b 45 cpu (system is abit kv7 mb with amd xp 2600+ 1933 ghz cpu)
On AIDA, is the m/b fan termed as the chassis fan ? , because this doesnt always register any speeds ie it will register higher speeds , but then when it goes below a certain level (1900rpm i think), it disappears from screen . thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 14:32 30 Jun 2004

Time for a new one, I expect. They are easy to get and easy to install - even your local PC World will have one as do online retailers.

  Totally-braindead 15:52 30 Jun 2004

click here I think this is the motherboard you have, if so its got a pretty radical looking fan on it and I presume its that thats making the noise in question rather than the CPU fan. Now theres a bit of software mentioned called Fan EQ and it states it alters the fan speeds as and when needed, its possible this could be what you're seeing when you say its slowing down. Personally I have a Gigabyte GA7VAXP board and the Northbridge fan on it failed twice(started being very noisy I mean) so I got hold of a Zalman heatsink instead therby getting rid of the fan altogether click here but if you're using this software then I don't know what the result would be of changing this component so perhaps the best thing would be to just get a replacement fan. You might struggle to get an Abit one (you'll just have to look and see) but there are plenty of other makes out there.

  SHARON B 17:46 30 Jun 2004

Thanks braindead, yes it is the round northbridge fan that appears to be failing - saying that im on pc now & its not making a peep (got case open with desktop fan blowing in to keep it cool!)

I have looked for an abit fan, not found as yet , but i am not sure which other make to go for (the m/b is still under warranty- komplett have said I can send it back, but tbh if its just a case of a few quid for a replacement fan, then id rather do that than go thru whole rigmarole of dismantling pc again !)

so if anyone can recommend a suitable replacement that would be great !

  Stuartli 17:56 30 Jun 2004

Temporarily lifting a section of a fan's centre cover carefully and adding a drop or two of light oil often helps to cure/rescue/quieten it.

  Sapins 19:13 30 Jun 2004

Have you got Norton installed ;-))

  €dstowe 06:29 01 Jul 2004

There is an Abit office in the UK.

Contact them at [email protected]

Note that English is not their first language.

Give details of the board and exactly which part is faulty.

I've had replacement fans from them at a nominal cost of £5.


  SHARON B 12:58 05 Jul 2004

I feel like a bit of a tit ! But I am still confused !

My m/b fan is now as quiet as a mouse (well, nearly!) and I have had no further probs.

This is after I re-read totalybraindeads posting re the Fan EQ software - I thought i hadnt got this installed, so i dug out the mb disc & it was on there , so i installed this software & hey presto, everything is hunky dory - well, ftb anyway !

So i'll mark this one as resolved - dont know how its worked ok for a month (when my pc is on just about all time) without this Fan EQ - but hey thats life !

Thanks everyone !

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