motherboard fan probs

  89vhassan 14:22 17 Oct 2006

my motherboard fan is starting to make a noise, soundslike a washing machine going at full throttle.

i have cleaned the dust off but with no success it is a gigabyte gv7-7va. although normally you would just buy a new motherboard i have jut upgraded to a amd 3000k processer and i cant offord the jump up to 64k bit processer so iam stuck with this motherboard as its difficult to get a old socket A motherboard is there any thing else i can do to fix the problem?

  Diemmess 15:00 17 Oct 2006

Changing a CPU because its fan is failing is a bit like changing the car because its ashtrays are full.

Have a look at any of the UK firms that sell accessories or components.

If it is the sort of fan which is screwed on top of the finned heatsink it can be exchanged very easily for a new one. Prices roughly £5 - £50 with perfectly good fans costing either side of £10.

Do check the dimensions of the required fan and where to fix it. There is usually a dedicated lead which plugs into the motherboard

  amonra 15:49 17 Oct 2006

Have a look at the top of the fan, there should be a label stuck on with the maker's name. Peel the label off and give the fan a SMALL squirt of WD 40 or similar. That should give you a temporary solution but measure the width of the fan and go to Maplins and buy a new one. As Diemmess said earlier, they are not difficult to replace, four self-tapping screws normally and off they come.

  89vhassan 22:55 17 Oct 2006

thanks for the quick reply. i have since found out that the fan only makes a noise when the comp is started after a long period and if i let the comp run initailly with the noise and then restart and then re start the computer the noise goes away after the comps warmed up is that normal for this type of problem. the cover on the side of my compter is left open

  Diemmess 09:19 18 Oct 2006

IMO this is typical of a worn fan bearing.
When the fan is noisy it is probably a worn chattering bearing, never quite reaching proper speed because of this sloppiness.
Eventually the fan gains the last few r.p.m. and works as it should.

No panic but treat it as a wake up call and replace it before the CPU becomes overheated.

When replacing the fan, use the opportunity to clean all the fluff and dust from the cooling fins on the heatsink, with a small paintbrush.

  Belatucadrus 11:24 18 Oct 2006

If it's the Northbridge fan on the motherboard, why not fit a Zalman passive cooler, no noise at all and it's not going to wear out click here or click here .

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