Motherboard dead - and then... - 3 times !!!

  xania 17:46 26 Jul 2009

First occasion. Earlier this year, a friend's DELL PC went completely dead - small indicator light on motherboard lit and fans OK, but no beeps, to screen signal, no HDD activity. Disconnected all add-one, except one DIMM (including Keyboard & Mouse). Still nothing. Took out fianl DIMM - still nothing. Put it all back together - still nothing. 2 days later, suddenly working a if nothng ever wrong.

Second occasion, step-son insert additional DIMM, but used DDR2 when needed DDR. Computer completely dead. Removing DIMM made no difference (damage done?). Computer still dead - no beeps or anything. He did all the same checks - still nothing. 2 day's later suddenly PC comes back to life and no further problems a month later.

Today, another friend mentined that his HP PC had been dead for at least 2 days. Previous to that, for a couple of days PC stopping suddenly after short period of life, but able to re-start. Also no significant Internet (but that could be becuase of ISP problems). Took at look. No signal to monitor and no indication of HDD activity. No beeeps (except when I removed all the memory when I got a series of short beeps). Put it back together but still nothing. 6 hours later, PC suddenly comes back to life although mouse not working and very slow activity.

Am I missing something? My friends and family depend on me to sort out their PC problems and that's 3 times I've declared a motherboard knackered only to find it come back to life inexplicably.

Only things they have in common: All using Windows XP, all PC's about 5 years old, and none of them have any surge protection.

All advice and ideas gratefully received.

  Technotiger 18:16 26 Jul 2009

In each case, I would suspect that the PSU is about to die!

Though could also be CPU over-heating.

  xania 18:50 26 Jul 2009

Yes, I thought of the PSU, but the fact that 2 of the three have since shown no probrlems, in two cases over 6 months and 2 months respectively, would belie that fact. CPU over- heating I would also have ruled out for the same reason.

In fact, with the 1st PC, I now hae ths onm a test bench and have been throwing all sorts of bad practice at it but it still keeps on going.

  Technotiger 19:04 26 Jul 2009

Very strange - at the time these things happened, there weren't any thunderstorms in the area by any chance?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 26 Jul 2009

Would suggest a static build up that has dispersed over the next few hours / days.

  johnnyrocker 20:09 26 Jul 2009

ref last post try switching off at power point and hold pc on off sw for a short time.


  woodchip 21:22 26 Jul 2009

As above PSU

  crosstrainer 21:38 26 Jul 2009

Try a different power lead to the pc, wires inside can twist and become damaged inside...Invisible to the eye.

  xania 08:44 27 Jul 2009

Thanks for all your comments. There certianly was some thunder around last week. But I think Fruit Bat probably has the answer.

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