Motherboard dead?

  Longhouse 19:29 04 Jul 2006

I've just tried to upgrade my power supply but on restart with the new supply the PC fails to boot - I only get to the initial (ASUS) splash screen, the PC fails to complete POST. I've neither removed nor disturbed any components other than the MoBo, drive & aux fan power connectors.

I changed back to the original power supply (that was working successfully before the change) and I have the same symptoms - fails to POST and stops at the initial splash screen.

Have tried disconnecting all drives (including C: & A:), checked that RAM & cards are seated correctly but still no change. Professor fan is running normally.

Is it possible that a faulty new power supply has blown the MoBO, and if so, how can I check without purchasing new MoBo / processor? Can anyone advise the "pin out" of the power supply MoBo connector so that I can check the voltages with a multimeter?

Machine spec: (which was operating well before the power supply change out)

ASUS A7V600-x with AMD 2500+ Barton, ASUS ATI9200 AGP graphics, 1Gb Corsair RAM. C:(120) + D:(120) IDE drives plus SATA RAID(2x80), CD-RW + DVD-R. Win Me OS + usual AV / firewall / antispy.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:47 04 Jul 2006
  ICF 20:10 04 Jul 2006

Longhouse said :-
"I've neither removed nor disturbed any components other than the MoBo, drive & aux fan power connectors."

What drive have you removed?

  Longhouse 20:23 04 Jul 2006


I haven't removed any drives, only the power connectors to the MoBo, drives and fans so that I could remove the power supply. All other components and connectors were left intact.

That's why I suspect some damage to the MoBo from the new power supply. My biggest concern is for the drives / data. Everything else can be replaced at a cost - that's why I use a RAID system and back up my most important data to a portable HDD. I just want to be able to identify the likely damage to minimise the cost outlay for replacement components.

  ICF 21:00 04 Jul 2006

Sorry I misread the bit about your drive :-(

Have you tried to power up with minimum spec?
or with only one stick of ram (if it's in 2 512 sticks)

All this has to be worth a try before you buy another MB and/or CPU

  wallbash 22:30 04 Jul 2006

Only last week, i came to the conlusion that either the mobo or cpu had died , as , when booting up , i did not even see anything on the screen. The lights lit up and the fans 'blew' but that was about it . after checking RAM/monitor/psu etc came to the idea

lets build a new computer to run Vista!

This posting , sorry does not help you, but it was the excuse i was looking for.

  Longhouse 22:35 04 Jul 2006

By a process of elimination I've traced the problem to the slave HDD (which I don't understand!). It would appear that installing the new power supply has rendered the slave drive u/s - I can't get the BIOS to recognise it at all. Wouldn't mind, but this is the newest drive in my system and a WDCaviar RAID edition drive bought for longevity!

Thanks for the links Fruit Bat /\0/\ - helped me to check out the new power supply and confirm that voltages where not excessive (12V was under spec though so it will be going back for a refund - don't know if that could have caused the problem)

  woodchip 22:38 04 Jul 2006

Check the ribbon cable is not faulty on the drive

  Longhouse 22:49 04 Jul 2006

Thanks Woodchip - thought of that and easy to check because I use icy dock removable bays for the HDDs. Fault stays with the HDD. Also checked the primary / secondary IDE channels by swaping cables to the CD / DVD drives. Last thing to check is the bay itself by connecting extinct drive direct to ribbon.

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