Motherboard cpu upgrade

  skidzy 20:26 12 Aug 2007

I am currently working on a couple of donated computers,they are old and am just trying to get them going for under underprivileged children.

They are working fine now but was hoping to upgrade the cpu to both computers.

The motherboards are MS-6167 and currently running 800mhz Athlons,i was hoping to upgrade them to something in the region of 1.4GHZ if possible.

They both have xp pro reloaded to a clean formatted harddrive with the ram to a max (768MB)
A few programs loaded,Anti virus/Antispyware etc....

Though running smoothly i cannot find any info to the max cpu the mobo will take.Looked for the manual,and no joy.

I do not expect much of a gain if a 1.4GHZ is used,but it will improve slightly.

So can anyone confirm the max cpu for this mobo please.

As always,thankyou for all replies and advice.

  X™ 20:32 12 Aug 2007

I think it'll work, we had one we upgraded from 750MHZ to 1.4GHZ. Just make sure the FSB is 200MHZ or less.

I might have the old 1.4GHZ Athlon that you can have for free if I can find it.

  skidzy 20:37 12 Aug 2007

Thats very kind of you,if you do find me and i will arrange carriage.
And of course i do not expect something for nothing,i would gladly make a donation to your beer fund or similar :-)

  skidzy 21:52 12 Aug 2007


  umbongo(uk) 09:53 13 Aug 2007

skidzy the only 2 products on the msi site
on further comparison it looks related to the k7 pro
if not that board but with extra,s . like when boards come out they just stick extra letters on the end to show what pci etc have been added but most probable it is built on the k7 board architexture as chipset is same

click here=

click here

  skidzy 15:42 13 Aug 2007

Thankyou for the reply,i had seen one of the links but not the other.
It does look like the mobo will take up to 1.0 GHZ,however i think for what it costs i will try a 1.2 or 1.4 and see how i get along.

If things go a bit pear shaped im not over bothered,as there is no pressure on me with these computers.
Its just a favour and hopefully a couple of children will reap the benefits in due course.

Thanks again for the response.

  SANTOS7 19:28 13 Aug 2007

the manual says 600/200 and above, the bios update page says 850/200, maybe 900/200, the cpu support list says 1000/200. text taken from another forum...

skidzy, been doin some digging the MOBO's will support up to 1gig and you may have to update bios for that asuming you can find any, my oppinion i would leave them as they are.

Good luck with your project my friend, it is highly commendable and i am sure you will get a lot of pleasure from it.....

  skidzy 19:41 13 Aug 2007

Cheers Santos.

Been looking around a fair bit and all opinions and advice seem to point to the fact of 1GHZ with no more than 200fsb.

I think i will leave this one as it is,its running quick for a 800mhz and no preinstalled software,so only got what i decide to put on it.
It has plenty of ram.

So il just put a few things more on and hand it over.

I just want to see the smile on the kiddies face :-))

Got to laugh really,you just know il be going back to sort out spyware/malware related problems Lol.

Thankyou everyone,think i will leave this one now and work another ive got today.

New mobo needed for a Celeron D / Pentium 4 ...looks like another Asrock board coming hee hee.

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