motherboard, cpu and psu upgrade...advice please.

  vaughan007 11:38 08 Dec 2004

Hello Forum,

I will very shortly (after Christmas, in New Year) be looking at installing a new motherboard and cpu to enable me to upgrade from my now aging P4 2ghz processor and make full use of my 8X graphics card (current mobo only has a 4X agp slot)

I just wondered if anybody new of any good deals on motherboard/cpu/psu combinations anywhere?

Would rather stick with Pentium processors, but I will consider other options.

Thanks everyone.

  TomJerry 11:44 08 Dec 2004

if you want PSU, you better to get a barbone system which novatech also supply

In my view, your P4 2GHz is a good enough processor.

Personally, I would get one of those click here

  vaughan007 11:53 08 Dec 2004

Its not really the processor I was that concerned about changing.

I just have a very good graphics card that is not being able to run at its full potential because of being restricted by the 4X agp slot. (I play a lot of 3d games so need as much performance as possible!).

So I thought whilst I was changing the motherboard I might was well stick in a new processor too.

You have made me think might be more sensible if I do this...

1. New motherboard.
2. New PSU.
3. New memory.
4. Keep existing CPU.

What do you think of this idea? Any advice?

  TomJerry 12:33 08 Dec 2004

my kind of gaming upgrade on tight money

£139.59 Shuttle XPC SN45G V2 Mini AMD Aluminium Barebones System click here

£67.56 get a AMD mobile XP2500+ and overclock to 3200+ (very easy and reliable) AMD Athlon "Mobile" XP2500-M Barton 266FSB (Socket A) CPU - OEM (CP-076-AM) click here

This gaming set up is used by many people internationally

maybe you can get a new HDD and DVD writer and dump your old unit to someone else.

  gudgulf 12:40 08 Dec 2004

Some details of what you are currently using would be helpful.For instance what graphics card do you have and what is the psu rating? What ram type are you using and will you be updating that as well. Also will this new project be the basis of future upgrades?

  Noelg23 15:28 08 Dec 2004

motherboards: click here

CPU: click here

PSUs: click here

in fact you can get them all from click here

  jagx400 15:50 08 Dec 2004

Would rather stick with Pentium processors
WHY, just wondering as I am upgrading soon and it seems to me that because Intel advertise on telly then they must be better, not always the case, I have built a few PC's and get told, fit a pentium and when I ask why people reply with "I dunno.". so which is the best to go for

  Noelg23 16:01 08 Dec 2004

everyone has their personally I prefer AMD...they can be overclocked (with the right tools) and run at the speed they say they can run on...not like Intel which says if its 3.2GHz will be running at 3GHz! have you noticed how you can overclock AMD CPUs and not Pentiums? think about it...

  jagx400 16:11 08 Dec 2004

Tried to overclock mine, and it cost me a new graphics card, then a week later me HD went, mind you I didnt know what I was doing, but then how do you learn :-)

  TomJerry 17:13 08 Dec 2004

overclock an normal desktop AMD CPU need extra cooling.

But overclock XP 2500+ mobile does not need extra cooling if you do not go over the top.

XP 2500+ mobile is the most clockable CPU and this has been recognised by thousand people around world. Set core voltage to 1.65v (mobile run 1.45 default) and FSB 200MHz (mobile run 133MHZ or 266MHz depend on how you look it), then it is equivvalent to XP 3200+ desktop, no extra cooling is needed if the original cooling system is a good one. With extra cooling, you can go further.

  vaughan007 23:50 09 Dec 2004

Basically, my main reason for wanting to upgrade my motherboard is so my system can make mot use of my 8X graphics card and to allow for future expansions as my currently motherboard is expanded to its limits.

I obviously understand that I will need to buy new memory to go into the new motherboard. This isn't a problem.

If I can get a new motherboard that will take my p4 2ghz (socket 7 I think) then thats fine.

My graphics card is a fx5900 ultra.

My current PSU is only 300W.

Hope thats clearer!

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