Motherboard & CPU

  pj1664 13:38 13 Nov 2003

Can anyone out there please advice me how do we find out which motherboard goes with which CPU, because I am thinking of upgrading my cpu to Pentium 4 2.6Ghz but how do I find out if a motherboard is compatable with a perticular cpu. Please advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  matthew-293741 13:43 13 Nov 2003

Goto click here download the tool, this will tell you your make of MOBO...then take this and type it into a search engine.... this will then take you to your boards manufacturer site...then you can find what the spec of your current board is.

  hugh-265156 14:05 13 Nov 2003

aida32 click here is a bit more comprehensive and will even give you links to the manufacturers of all the different hardware bits n bobs you have from within it.

  BBW 14:21 13 Nov 2003

I just bought an upgrade package from MAPLIN MOBO,CPU and fan locally. They didn't work! took my computer box back and was told I hadn't constructed it correctly! [I've spent 25years servicing PMR and Computers] The Tech. installed a new package only to find that too didn't work. Blushes all around the workshop. I told them the web site of the MOBO recommended a BIOS upgrade. In the end they down graded the CPU 2600 for a 2000. I relate this as perhaps a local dealer is recommended in case things don't work

  DieSse 14:45 13 Nov 2003

First note that there are two models of P4 2.6GHz - the latest type has Hyperthreading and is designed to work with an 800MHz bus. There is very little difference in price, if any, so make sure you get the latest type. Always get the intel Boxed Processor - it comes with a good quality fan, and a 3 yr warranty.

To go with this the motherboard needs 800MHz FSB bus too - I use one with an intel 865 chipset - there are many makes of these.

Such a motherboard can also use Dual-channel RAM - this is DDR RAM, but you put two matched modules onto the board, and it almost doubles the memory speed. For instance, you can get two 256Mb 400MHz RAM modules, for top performance.

Always get grade1 (branded) RAM to aviod problems.

I use a QDI motherboard, which performs extremely well, and I use a lot of them in systems I build - they are very reliable indeed - but you might not find this make so readily in the UK. Just avoid "budget" make motherboards, and get a respectable brand name.

Hope this helps.

  Cretin07 18:37 13 Nov 2003

how old is your mobo. if too old i guess it wont suppoprt your processor. but you will have to buy a new mobo and processor.

  pj1664 14:21 24 Nov 2003

I was recently given a tower and motherboard together with a cpu installed but i dont know the make and cpu speed so I intalled a hard drive, cdrom,floppy and some ram to find out more about the mobo and cpu but when I power up the pc comes to live but the screen powers up and goes dead after about 2 seconds and there is a 3xbeep sound that comes on intermittenly every 2 seconds the cpu fan spins fine. What could cause this? Please advice. Thank you

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