motherboard on the compaq SR1719

  flipmodea 21:21 15 Feb 2007

Hey there,
I have a Compaq SR1000 SR1719 UK
I would like to know what mobo it is but I can't seem to find out to know what is the max ram I can add in there, there are four slots, 2 blue ones and 2 black ones, I tried to stick 4 sticks of ram in there but the computer did not load up,
there were 2 gig sticks and 2 512 sticks.
I would just like to up the ram on my computer,

if this helps here are the specs on that are displayed on my system tray:

compaq presario
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 processor 3400 +
2.19 GHz, 1.43Gb of RAM

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:26 15 Feb 2007

try a scan at click here they will tell you what memory iis compatible and how much cn be fitted.

  flipmodea 21:43 15 Feb 2007

thanks for the url,
they said thateEach memory slot can hold DDR PC3200,DDR PC4000 so I would like to know which ram i should go for, they are loads of manufactures out there so not to sure bout which one is good or shit, I'm basically using the ram for audio, not for video.
anybody got recommendations?


  flipmodea 21:54 15 Feb 2007

I know that my mobo can handle ram up to 4GB either DDR PC3200 and DDR PC4000 but I don't what frequency the mobo can handle, it does not tell me on the url that you gave me.

  Totally-braindead 21:56 15 Feb 2007

Theres no real difference. The RAM will only run at the speed it is set to run at.
What I mean is if your PC uses PC3200 or PC4000 you can use either it makes no difference as long as they are compatible. I assume that Crucial lists the 3200 as thats the speed your PC is running at, you can install the faster 4000 if you wish it will run fine just at the 3200 speeds.
The advantage of buying at Crucial is they guarantee the memory they supply will work.
Buy the cheapest one is my advice.

I notice you say you have 2 blue and 2 black memory slots, did Crucial say anything about dual channel memory? It might be you would have to upgrade in pairs.

Do you know the model of your PC just to double check ie Compaq Deskpro 5000 or whatever, it might be on the back of your case.

  flipmodea 21:57 15 Feb 2007

2GB Corsair TwinX DDR XMS4000 500mhz PC4000 2 GB Twin X

  flipmodea 21:59 15 Feb 2007

Manufacturer Specifications - HP - Compaq Presario SR1719UK

click here

  flipmodea 22:02 15 Feb 2007

what's the difference between pc 3200 and pc4000?
yes on the site that calculates what is best for your computer, they do mention that

Does my computer support dual-channel memory?

A: Yes.

To benefit from the performance advantages offered by dual-channel systems, you should install memory in identical pairs. Installing a kitted pair is the best way to ensure that your modules are identical, right down to the chip count.

not too sure what that means

put 4X (identical)1Ghz sticks in the four slots

  Totally-braindead 22:09 15 Feb 2007

Yes matched pairs are recommended I thought that might be the case when you mentioned the slots were 2 different colours.
I would go with the 3200 as they are cheaper before you do this though. Do you know if the memory you have is meant to be compatible?

If so try them as pairs. The 2 1 gig ones in the blue the 2 512s in the black or vice versa.

  woodchip 22:14 15 Feb 2007

Just one Question, Why do you need more ram?????

  Totally-braindead 22:15 15 Feb 2007

You're typing as I am.
Basically dual channel is meant to speed up the way the computer can use the memory, it still runs at the lower speed but it can use it twice as fast as it can use the two in parallel rather than running the two as one large lump of memory.
Sorry its not a good explanation but its the best I can do, basically if you run in dual channel its faster. All 4 memory chips do not have to be the same but the two in the blue slots have to be the same and the two in the black have to be the same.
So you could have as an example a 1 gig in each of the blue and a 512meg in each of the black.
Hopefully you see what I mean.

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