Is motherboard combatible with Windows 7

  dangerusone 13:22 03 Aug 2011

I have a PC, motherboard Optronix OP-K9A200G-MLF that had Windows XP installed, I had the opportunity to have Windows 7 put on which I chose to do. This worked fine for 3 weeks or so until the PC crashed, I got it started in safe mode but it takes about 15 minutes to fire up and everything is running so slow it is unbelievable. I have dug the Optronix booklet that came with the PC and the only 3 operating systems mentioned are 2000/Vista/XP, is this motherboard not combatible with Windows 7. I have tried to reinstall but I get a message saying "update device drivers - IDE ATA/ATAPI - standard dual channel PCI IDE Controller" I have gone out and bought a new HP PC but before I scrap this one I wondered if anyone could cast a light on the problem and is it worth salvaging.

  c4rm0 13:43 03 Aug 2011

You should of run / can still run the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor this should tell you if your hardware/software is compatible with W7

  johndrew 13:46 03 Aug 2011

If you want to check for W7 Compatibility the best way is using the checker. Given the age of the motherboard it is possible that a full driver and BIOS update would be necessary; this would be confirmed by the automatic checker, but to do this you really need to reinstall XP.

  dangerusone 14:16 03 Aug 2011

I tried to run the Optronix disc but I got the message "need to have 2000/Vista/XP and my PC used to run on a modem, I,ve tried to install a wifi dongle but with no luck as yet so I can't go on line and update.

  dangerusone 15:59 03 Aug 2011

I've noticed A Windows Compatability Report? on my desktop, opened it and it says about updating the drivers etc but also says the following programmes might not work after the upgrade - Adobe Photoshop - Speedtouch USB Modem. The Speedtouch Modem is the reason I went WiFi as Tiscali/TalkTalk are not updating the drivers for it so sent me a router. I'll try and reinstall 7 after taking those 2 off.

  dangerusone 18:13 03 Aug 2011

I think I'll give it up as a bad job, every time I try and run the Optronix disc to reinstall the missing drivers it tells me I need to have 2000/Vista or XP as operating system. I don't know if Optronix have gone to the wall but their website is hard to get hold of. I'll just take the PC to bits for spares as I've added quite a few bits over the years that someone may find useful.

  johndrew 10:24 04 Aug 2011

I have done a little digging.

The Optronix driver CD will only work up to XP as these are the only drivers contained on it.

There is an Optronix Driver site but it has drivers only to Vista level - whether these will work or not I'm not certain. You may like to download and try them.

As I said before; "but to do this you really need to reinstall XP" to use the checker. This applies to the CD as well.

  retep888™ 14:00 04 Aug 2011

This is a review of your motherboard click here

I installed Win7 on a couple of Socket 939 mobo(by ASUS) ,they worked ok thou, no driver installations were needed ,all sorted out by Win7 or windows updates.

Go to Advanced Safe Mode by tapping F8 while booting up & choose Safe Mode With Command Prompt & type chkdsk ,necessary if you're still using the same HDD since 2005.

Set up your router (as you've found out the modem's not supported by Win7) and best updating all your drivers thru' Windows update with an ethernet cable then set up wireless afterwards. You can also go online in Advanced Safe Mode , just choose Safe Mode With Networking

Advanced Safe Mode click here

The Optronix disc won't work in Win7 anymore that's why it keeps asking for 2000/Vista or XP as operating system .

  dangerusone 22:19 23 Aug 2011

I've treated myself to a new computer (HP) that I'm really happy with, the old one is sat at the back of a wardrobe. I think I'll dig it out one day when I get tired of playing with my new "toy" I think some of the advice given here looks quite helpful, so thank you for all the replies.

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