Motherboard to build a computer for video editing

  top 21:05 21 Jan 2003
  top 21:05 21 Jan 2003

Thanks to Malith, Jungle and MichelleC to their response RE: BUILD A COMPUTER FOR FOR VIDEO EDITING. I was a bit unsure about phrasing the question.
I have £110 to buy a motherboard and would like help on what board would be best AMD OR P4.I intend to use windows XP Pro. with matrox g555 as video card as I don't do any gaming. Sound card Sounblaster Audigy with f/wire.I have a 15" sony lcd which from my reading of current information on the subject won't be up for editing videos and maybe I have to look at up grading to a 17" which seens from most standard spec. seems to be standard. The choice of motherboard is the most urgent at present.

  SafeHaven 21:46 21 Jan 2003

I do video editing and have a v266b jetway mother board. 5xpci/1xcnr/1xagp/200/266 fsb. This board takes AMD and the bios is auto upgradable, you can use either sd or ddr 2 slots for each. I got this board becuse it will take any AMD now or in the future. The cost well only £60.easy to setup on startup it gives you the system status.Fan speed temp etc.Its worth a look at and here

  Rtus 22:00 21 Jan 2003

Jetway /LEX These boards are susceptible to Ide problems partic with certain Hard drives and CDRW drives.. Ive had a few..Id look more towards asus or Gigabyte . Ive built a few with Shuttle boards and they are reliable ,but hard to get at times..Go to toms hardware ( I think thats the one ) for reviews or theres a site for mobos .and pinnacle site see the help pages there and note the boards used and what problems given..

  Rtus 22:05 21 Jan 2003

click here Dont Know if this is any help.

  SafeHaven 22:12 21 Jan 2003

asus or Gigabyte yep i can't fault that choice for value my last board was a Gigabyte and had no problems

  Jungle 03:06 22 Jan 2003

I agree with Safehaven and Rtus...take a look at Asus or Gigabyte...they are sound choices.

First decide if you are going to go down the AMD or Intel route for your processor. This is a big decision ...( U do get more bang for your buck with AMD..but its personal choice..I went for the Intel Pet 4 )..Once you have decided then you can move onto the next phase.

You have a decent budget for a motherboard ( ie 110GBP ) and buying the right brand will make for a stable system.

As the RTus has said, take a look at TomsHardware or just do a search on Google and you will find plenty of reviews on Motherboards.

Remember the motherboard and processor in your PC are like the heart and lungs...get them right and everything else should fall into place and you have the solid foundations for a reliable good PC.

Ps with regards to your monitor, it will be fine..ok a 15 inch screen isnt the biggest in the world, but it will do the job, and that leaves you more money to spend on the Processor / Ram / Motherboard which will make a bigger difference.

All the best with your system


  y_not 06:47 22 Jan 2003

I use an Epox - okay not a top name but it works well for me.

The RAID options are useful as they allow me additional HDD's (currently 5 HDD's) which I need for the editing.

As for the Gigabyte option - had two in the past and both ended up in the dustbin!

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