motherboard bios update please help URGENT

  dazzlet2002 20:32 02 Mar 2003

hi i have a gigabyte GA-7ZXE motherboard i decided that it was time for a bios update so i went to the gigabyte web site to find the new updated bios for my board, i followed the instructions what was on the site exactly and flashed the bios. now the computor wont boot up the power mis there but nothing happens could anyone please advise on what is wrong and how to correct this thanks daz

  rct 20:35 02 Mar 2003

Check how to activate the DualBIOS feature of Gigabyte motherboards, this should rescue you from a bad flash.

  dazzlet2002 20:37 02 Mar 2003

i do not know how to activate the dual bios how would i find this out. thanks PS monitor doesnt power up

  rct 21:07 02 Mar 2003

If there is no power at all, I'd double check connections, fuses etc, BIOS flashes are unlikely to screw up. Dual Bios should be documented in your manual. If you don't have a copy, ask someone with a net connection to download it from Gigabyte.

  rct 21:08 02 Mar 2003

LOL I just said someone with a net connection... well you obviously have one!!

  dazzlet2002 21:10 02 Mar 2003

i do have power to my comp but no booting takes place i also have a copy of my manual but it doesnt refer to any dual bios activation

  rct 21:17 02 Mar 2003

Looks like your mobo doesn't have Dual BIOS, just checked the website. You installed BIOS F9 I hope, and not the beta version. Double check monitor connections. Try resetting the monitor by powering on computer, switching off monitor at mains, wait 30s and switch on.

  professor 21:30 02 Mar 2003

youre in trouble arent you?

well to flash your BIOS you should of gone about it one of two ways: latest BIOS from gigabyte website, then get a blank floppy and go to MS-DOS prompt and type format a: /s

after thats done unzip the BIOS file to the floppy youve just made then restart your pc and enter BIOS put floppy in then press F8-that would take you to Q-Flash, then select update BIOS from disk then select your new BIOS file and then update.

2 all of the above but replacing q-flash with an AWARD BIOS writer(or whatever BIOS writer is needed for your MB, eg.AMI writer) then restart pc makeing shure you noted your new BIOS filename down exactly as you saw it, then after your floppy has loaded type the command needed to execute the BIOS writer then type the bios filename and enter.

see part2

  professor 21:41 02 Mar 2003

if that sounds right to what you did then i can only think of that either the flash went wrong(very rare)or you either flased it with the wrong code or you used the beta coded BIOS(BIG mistake)

but fear not all is not lost,go to gigabyte website then make sure u download the latest BIOS for your MB(also make sure it not the beta coded BIOS)then get a floppy disk go to ms-dos prompt and type format a: /s

get the correct BIOS writer for your MB

then unzip both of thoughs to that floppy youve just done(make sure you write the BIOS filename down exactly as you saw it),take it to your pc put it in turn your pc on,hopefully your floppy drive is going ok wait until your floppy drive finishes type the BIOS writer execution command, type in the BIOS filename wait until your floppy drive is done then press "N" and depending on your bios writer it will either start to write the BIOS code or you may need to press enter again.

and if your lucky by the end of all that you would of managed to overwrite that BIOS and it'll be alright again.


  professor 21:43 02 Mar 2003

the BIOS filename is NOT the zipped name its the UNzipped filename


  dazzlet2002 22:02 02 Mar 2003

hi could you please tell me how to get to ms dos prompt as i am running on XP and also what the /s is for on the format

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