Motherboard Battery query

  Demora 13:40 09 Mar 2008


How easy is it to fit a battery on the motherboard of an old laptop?

The laptop in question is an old IBM Thinkpad 2635 Running win95. It just wont boot up. And I have been told that it hasn't been used since 2003. The hdd seems to work but I cannot get past an error message at boot up. The memory checks ok too.

I can remove the hdd to see whats on it by connecting to my desktop via a caddy.

Any suggestions re the cmos battery though would be a great help.


  Stuartli 13:46 09 Mar 2008

It would appear that this is the type of battery required:

click here

It could be that, if you can get it working (I presume it can be operated via a mains adapter), the battery may well recharge up successfully; however a new battery won't come amiss.

  Stuartli 13:48 09 Mar 2008 it I mean, of course, the laptop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:04 09 Mar 2008

HAve just recovered an old HP omnibook (2000) CMOS battery recharged whilst on mains.

I too get a quick flash of error message I think its memory mismatch but a bit too fast to see.

What is your error message?

  Demora 14:13 09 Mar 2008

The error is flashed up in a greeny blue window and has an ok/cancel tabs on it. If I click ok the window wants me to enter the date and time. I do this and then it just comes up with a new window saying error and the mouse pointer dissapears. I then have to use the power switch to turn it off.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:21 09 Mar 2008

You may have to set the hard drive size in BIOS again

Enter BIOS(setup) and see if it is registering the HDD, F3 may well auto detect the drive.
Set the First boot device to HDD if it has no floppy or CD drive.

Save and exit F10 when all settings

  Demora 14:23 09 Mar 2008

Not quite sure of how to get into the BIOS on this thing. I tried F1 and also the Del key. No luck yet

I have a feeling its somthing to do with the Fn key.


  DieSse 14:25 09 Mar 2008

This shows you (page 31) how to change the CMOS battery (and other useful things). a pdf download of the maintainance manual.

click here

  Demora 15:01 09 Mar 2008

Thanks for the link DieSse. Found the error codes. 161 and 163, which are Dead Battery and time and date. Will see if I can get hold of a bettery.

Reading the maintenance manual, I realise 'they just don't make laptops like that anymore'

Thanks for the help.


  Demora 10:10 10 Mar 2008

Just to let you all know. Its a very old Thinkpad 380. I located the battery next to the memory chips and it was easy to get out. Off to store now for a new one. BTW the battery is a CR1220 about £1 -£2

I'll close this as resolved now BUT may be back later with more woes.

Thanks for all the help.


  T0SH 11:09 10 Mar 2008

To enter BIOS setup on IBM laptops press and keep holding down the F1 key while you switch it on will get you into the settings area

Cheers HC

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