bob's 23:28 10 Jun 2003

After Fitting A Motherboard In A ATX Case On Applying Power The Led's Light Up And The Fan On The Processor Runs.The Monitor Goes Into Standby And There Is No Display.On Removing The Monitor Cable The Monitor Shows No Signal And I Changed Graphics Cards But Stll The Same.Help Appreciated.

  goonerbill 23:45 10 Jun 2003

check that ya graphics card is inserted into the mobo correctly and all other cards plus memory is seated ok.

  Rtus 23:52 10 Jun 2003

Is this a new installation ? or have you just changed case ? If its a new combination try another mem stick

Make absolutely sure that the CPU Settings are correct or that the Settings on the Mobo ware set to allow automatic detection of the cpu. Ofetn I have had this exact problem and it is down to the above. You may also find that clearing the CMOS may work if you are "Stuck" on one particular setting and you are now sure you have corrected it,

  bob's 00:01 11 Jun 2003

It Is A New Installation.I Will Try Again Tomorrow And Post The Results.Many Thanks,

  bob's 00:04 11 Jun 2003

What Settings Should I Have On The Motherboard.

  keith-236785 08:26 11 Jun 2003

Heres a few ideas

1. Some new motherboards are now being shipped with the CLEAR CMOS jumper selected, you have to change this before the pc will start, just look in your m/b manual and remove the jumper from the clear cmos jumper pins

2. is the bios set to onboard graphics first(sometimes known as pci), you need to select AGP first....

3. lastly try reducing the bus speeds of Mem/cpu to see if its a memory speed issue ie sdram100 trying to run at 133, this will cause NO BOOT Up

Good luck

  Rtus 10:13 11 Jun 2003

also ensure your using the CPU fan header on the mobo not the system fan one. nor hard drive psu wander leads to power the fan instead..Remove all other drives and boot the bare mobo+ mem(ensuring this is correct type for board)+ graphics card, with just the floppy attached.add other items as required after successful boot

  bob's 22:43 11 Jun 2003

Many Thanks Guys .I Have Lots Of Things To Try.Keep You Posted.

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