rusty3247 19:36 12 Aug 2008

I have been giving a Gigabyte Silent pipe motherboard Ga 965p ds4 it has Inno3d 6200Le pci express dvi tv 64 128mb graphic card its in a long rctangle case with a lots of fans and cables no hard disk or dvd drive as an abosolute beginner can i use this to build a pc or connect it to my tv it has been used i believe for home media any suggestions what to do with it thanks

  GaT7 20:01 12 Aug 2008

Yeah, providing everything works OK, you can install the missing components & operating system (OS) & use it as a normal/media center PC. Yes, it can be connected to a TV with the appropriate cable. You may find the fans noisy though for a media center PC, so some may have to be removed.

Does it have a CPU & power supply (PSU)? Latter I'm assuming yes with 'lots of...cables'. G

P.S. Full motherboard specs click here

  rusty3247 20:13 12 Aug 2008

thank you it a three pin plug which is connected to a little silver box this is connected to a big silver box ac input 100-240v 60-50hz dc output 400watt max it lots of other numbers dont know wether this psu or cpu totally beginner sorry but no off and on switch i connected a mains lead to it but nothing seemed to happen it has seven little fans all round about it none of them came on

  GaT7 16:37 13 Aug 2008

Looks like you have a 400W PSU.

CPU = processor, which'll look something like this click here, i.e. if it doesn't have a heatsink/fan (H/F).

Before switching on the case, check that the PSU is correctly connected to the following connectors/headers on the motherboard click here.

And whether there's a CPU with a heatsink/fan & is it connected to the 3pin header on motherboard?

Also check that the switch at the back of the PSU is in the 'on' position.

Look at the 2nd pic & answer the questions.

It may be easiest to ask the person who gave it to you about what's missing, connected, disconnected, etc. Be aware you could damage the components permanently if you don't connect
things correctly. G

  rusty3247 21:28 13 Aug 2008

It looks like Cpu is there there but could be underneath a large copper corrugated type thing with four screws on it.the cables from the psu go from the position on the front to the back of the psu then i think they go onto the other pin you showed the cables you say are speaker cables are connected there but go to a little gadget that has symbols on it and lights and a usb socket cant contact owner his businesss went bust and the guy i work for owned the industrial unit were the guy had his businesss the motherboard came from he gave it to me with loads of other stuff for helping him clear out the unit there was a big sort of server type cage with lots of cables and gadgets wired up to it as the company sold home automation stuff controlling everything from your computer lights cutains tv etc

  woodchip 21:47 13 Aug 2008

copper corrugated type thing, Yes thats the Heatsink on top of the CPU

  rusty3247 08:32 14 Aug 2008

there are lots of cables which dont seem connected to anything there theres no off and on switch on psu box maybe i should take it to a computer guy he would be able to check it out as i dont want to dump it if i could use it thanks for your help

  GaT7 11:30 14 Aug 2008

Unfortunately this is going to be very hard work via 'forum chat' alone. However, we may be able to get somewhere if you're willing to take some pics of the components, case, PSU connectors, etc & post them online (thro' click here e.g.).

Would be good if you have a friend/relative/neighbour who has more than a passing knowledge about these things. Thinking that a computer shop may charge a lot (& dupe you too).

No, don't dump it. Seems to have some good stuff in there. If things don't work out you could sell the items off individually - ideally after checking that they work fine. G

  Diemmess 12:00 14 Aug 2008

Crossbow7's comment is very apt.
"Would be good if you have a friend/relative/neighbour who has more than a passing knowledge about these things"

If nothing else it would be a test of the strength of your friendship!

The whole project is only simple to those that have done this before, and more than once!

If you have a friend who really knows what he is doing, a first step would be to ask him to look at what you have, and make a shopping list of things you need.

(The on/off switch is usually mounted on the front of the case and is connected to the motherboard. Not all PSU's have their own on/off switch)

  rusty3247 13:59 14 Aug 2008

Unfortunately i dont have any friends that know enough I will attempt to take some photo s and upload them it would be a good project for me if you dont mind no off and on switch anywhere on case that i can see

  rusty3247 22:04 14 Aug 2008

I now have some pictures in image shack how do i get them on here thank you

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