inneedofhelp 14:10 16 Oct 2006

Is there a motherboard out there capable of running a x2 or a socky 939 athlon chip that has both a agp slot AND and pci express slot.

I want to upgrade my pc to run the new fsx. However I am not going to fork out a fortune for a graphics card until one comes out to support dx10. So I plan to upgrade everything now bar the graphics cards and run my current radeon x800 xt pe AGP, wait for a dx10 to come out, and buy one of those in PCI express. Any ideas/comments/suggestions or flaws with my plan???

  jimv7 14:16 16 Oct 2006

Why not get a board with onboard pci ex graphics until you can upgrade to a pci ex card.

I have the gigabyte ga-k8n51gmf-9 socket 939 which has the onboard graphics of nvidia gforce 6100 + a pci ex slot.

Just 1 example.

  ed-0 14:37 16 Oct 2006

click here For a socket 939

Any good?

  inneedofhelp 14:40 16 Oct 2006

Jim, would the onboard graphics be up to running fsx??????????

Ed, this looks ideal. Why is it soo cheap? Are there any more spec up models. What I dont want is a good cpu, a good graphics and good memory, for it to be wasted on the cheapy mobo. Of course, it could just be a good deal.

Also, do you know if it can run both the AGP and PCI at the same time? (thinking of a dual monitor cockpit)

  ed-0 14:44 16 Oct 2006

It's from click here ( why the links don't go with the front page? ) and will take these cpu's click here

thats the only duel I know of the top of my head, I recommended it awhile ago for an upgrade, so like you, they could go pci-e when needed.

Run both together? Not sure!! As dual monitors, maybe but not dually for a game. I would guess.

  ed-0 14:49 16 Oct 2006

A quick google gives

click here

click here

click here

these also, if you can find any.

  ed-0 17:36 16 Oct 2006

the above 3 are for intel based cpu's.

  Bailey08787 17:39 16 Oct 2006

bear in mind that when you do come to upgrade to a pci gpu, you'll have a redundant agp slot taking up space that you're not likely to use again.

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