mother board

  witty 21:17 14 Jun 2005

Im building my first system and want to use a AMD processor but do not know what would be a good motherboard. My budget for a motherboard is £50.00 but dont realy know were to get a good one or what to look out for. Does anyone know were i can get one cheap and what motherboard would be good value for my money. Thanks in advance David

  jan-boy 21:22 14 Jun 2005


Only a suggestion but it will be future proof.
As for price, I'm not sure

  great1 21:24 14 Jun 2005

click here

Try this link
I have used this company and they are sound


  Joe R 21:25 14 Jun 2005


are you going the amd64 route or athlon/sempron.?

  witty 22:06 14 Jun 2005

Not to sure, any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks for the link though, it looks really good.

  Joe R 22:11 14 Jun 2005


socket 939 is the latest and, most futureproof, but also the most expensive.

It would also mean new cpu, ram etc, so it really all depends on your overall budget.

A good start would maybe to look at a barebones system.

click here

  Totally-braindead 23:21 14 Jun 2005

Barebones may be the answer, at least you know then that the components are compatible. If you do want to build your own totally new system then as Joe R has pointed out getting a socket 939 is the best idea as its newer. I personally would also get a motherboard that has PCI Express for the graphics rather than AGP because looking about the PCI Express appear to be cheaper than the AGP equivalents although that may mean spending more on your motherboard, but if you're replacing the graphics card as well it may end up cheaper. To be able to advise I think we'd really need to know what else you're replacing and what you propose reusing and how much in full you have to spend. If you want to have a look about look here click here it doesn't list all companies but it a reasonable place to start to get a idea of prices.
The advantage of a barebones is it will be cheaper than buying the bits seperately and you know the memory will work with the motherboard the disadvantage is you may not get exactly what you want.

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