most suitable wireless router for the job ...

  SteadyEddie 22:49 25 Jul 2006

Question for those who have wireless routers ...
I've never used one,I want to buy one - but just how good is the range and steadyness of them. I don't want to buy the latest thing but neither do I want one that doesn't have enough range.

My laptop is going to be 3-4 rooms away from the router with quite a few twists and barriers in between. I have been looking at Netgear.

Does anyone have the DG834GT - if so how is the range and steadiness of connection (bearing in mind my conditions above). Will it go as far and through what I need it to?

Or I had been looking at the Rangemax - DG823PN - again anyone got one - think this may be more suitable - but has anyone got experience of having one. Same question powerful enough / too powerful

Netgear suggest their latest (and most expensive one of course!) being the Rangemax NEXT DG824N - but wonder if this is over the top.

Any help appreciated - p.s. only really used for the internet.

  vickyloulou 22:54 25 Jul 2006

Hi there - I currently use the 3com 'office connect' ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router. I had 2 others prior to this one. It was very reasonable, and works over my three storey house with no problems. I can sit at the end of my garden and connect on my laptop with no probs. Don't know about the pros of more expensive models, but I am really pleased with this one!

  vickyloulou 22:55 25 Jul 2006

should have said '2 other DIFFERENT routers prior to this one'!

  johnnyrocker 00:00 26 Jul 2006

click here or click here should provide a lot of help.


  woodchip 00:01 26 Jul 2006

I use the 3Com

  woodchip 00:05 26 Jul 2006

This is also good and lots of long range power
click here

  woodchip 00:07 26 Jul 2006
  goonerbill © ® 00:17 26 Jul 2006

the main problem you will have, is not the router but your building. do you live in a house, masonette or flat. how thick are the walls, are they brick, concrete and any steel to reinforce the structure. all these things will play are large part in whether you get a fair, good or excellent signal from the router no matter who makes it really plus if you are still no to sure on what your home is built from, invest in a good wireless aerial (9dbi output) as the aerials that come with the routers only have an output of 2dbi (this i found out from contacting most of the big companies before installing my wireless network and went with D-Link)

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