Most popular web browsers?

  geek84 16:31 21 Aug 2010

Hi Folks

What would you say are the most popular web browsers? On what basis are they popular?
Would you use the same web browser every time you go ion the internet?


  Pine Man 17:04 21 Aug 2010

It's something you'll really have to make your own mind up on.

Some are faster some have more controls or add-ons and some are more secure.

What I did a few months ago is download the most popular and install them all. Then I tried them all over a period of time and trashed the ones I didn't like.

Look at Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox. They are the most popular in addition, of course, to Internet Explorer.

My preference - Firefox.

  DieSse 19:10 21 Aug 2010

click here

My preference - FireFox - using FF4 beta3 right now - pretty stable, but add-ons not ready yet.

  onthelimit 09:27 22 Aug 2010

I've tried most - all have pros and cons, but I've now gone back to IE8.

  sunnystaines 09:56 22 Aug 2010

tried most too.

use ie8 and firefox.

  provider 2 12:12 22 Aug 2010

IE is reputed to be the most popular, followed by Firefox with Chrome said to be rapidly gaining ground.

This may be slightly misleading, however, in the sense that many may not have CHOSEN IE, but use it because it comes with Windows and having got used to it, they are reluctant to try something else, even (like some UK government departments) refusing to update to IE 8 despite the security problems of IE 6.

My preference? Firefox.

  CurlyWhirly 13:20 23 Aug 2010

My preference is Firefox too.

  iscanut 17:55 23 Aug 2010

I use Google Chrome just for my Hotmail sessions. Very fast to load and run, otherwise I use Firefox for all other use. I have never used IE in any of its forms. BUT it is a personal thing so you will need to try them all to see how you get on.

  chrissy1 14:43 24 Aug 2010

Firefox..another vote from me.

  MAT ALAN 14:58 24 Aug 2010

Interesting to see from your link that since sept. 09 there has been a 5% decrease in the use of IE...

  Noldi 19:05 25 Aug 2010

At work I have to use IE but my choice is Firefox and find it a lot better for what I do.

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