Most likely place to catch certain viruses?

  theDarkness 00:58 15 Aug 2008

What i heard was someone i know's computer catches a virus whilst still being up to date with norton, its firewall and virus checker always on. Owner claims to never download email attachments, only browse popular websites (amazon etc), and only to install bought software. All of a sudden the pc cant access the net, and so the computer is taken to the local computer store. They state there are over 50 viruses found, and a £50 fee will be charged (essentially for them to reinstall windows, if nothing can be saved on the hd!).. Sounds very odd to me! Is there a way to try and track where or how a virus has entered the pc initially (eg perhaps certain viruses are most commonly found via email)? I just found the above very hard to believe unless they have been accessing dodgy websites..

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:58 15 Aug 2008

It is probably a trojan rather than a virus. I rarely see viruses these days. You can get a trojan from anywhere not just 'dodgy' sites. In unknowingly accepting the trojan it bypasses your firewall and your AV as you have, in effect, given it permission to run and install. This is why I never used a firewall for 5 years; if you are on BB you do not need a firewall (especially if you have a router) just some basic common sense.
Every computer that I have to repair which have Trojans, have up to date firewalls and AVs, so the shed loads of 'lab tests' are somewhat ,meaningless.


  Technotiger 08:05 15 Aug 2008

It does not need 'dodgy' websites even - a couple of possible sources of virus attacks are the legal sites Real/Real Player, and Limewire, like when downloading music legally - and I am sure there are plenty of others. But I don't think anyone can actually state where virus's come from as a way of trying to avoid them. I have almost never had any problems with virus attacks, but I have a friend who has had several, usually because she has downloaded music legally as aforementioned.

Perhaps your friend has been downloading music too.

  Andsome 08:11 15 Aug 2008

You also need to run a scan with more than one Anti Malware program. Some are better than others at finding different types of problem. Do not run two scans at the same time. All the following can be found if you Google for them, and all are excellent.

A Squared, SUPERANTiSpyware, Spyware terminator, Malware bytes anti Malware, Spybot S and D. Do the job yourself.

  €dstowe 08:33 15 Aug 2008

There seems something dodgy about the "local computer store" to me.

  theDarkness 08:38 15 Aug 2008

So a trojan is somehow able to attach itself onto a legal site such as realplayer or limewire, and then offer you something for you to click "yes" on, to start downloading a potentially fatal application/instruction? Are these websites servers that you mention infected, or does the trojan only appear after you browse such a site, and you most likely have picked it up yourself from browsing elsewhere? Ps computer it was found on had spybot installed!

  Andsome 08:58 15 Aug 2008

As far as I am aware, Spybot is not designed to prevent Spyware from downloading, only to find it once it is there. There are other programs that do this, but as with anything else, they are only as good as the latest installed definitions will allow. A few minutes after downloading and installing updates, some idiot can put out more problems for which currently there may be no cure. This is unfortunately, one of the problems that we have to live with. Spyware Guard is one of these preventative programs.

click here

  theDarkness 14:13 15 Aug 2008

thanks for the info - i still dont get how sites such as realplayer or limewire, as technos examples, could be a source of a trojan..? surely their own servers would have to be infected, hosting such a file, in order for you to get it in the first place, after browsing their website? I can understand if it was in the form of an installer that popped up when you visited a site, but the file would surely have been downloaded from somewhere less legitimate, and set to pop up in order for you to believe that that is where the file is from, causing you to trust it more and click that yes button?

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