Most annoying occurance

  kalstras 08:58 17 Sep 2007

I have this "thing" that happens when I first use my computer, not on startup and not the first key I press, but soon after. I normally switch my machine on, then open the browser, my email, and when I press the shift key, what opens up? The sign on page for Yahoo mail. I do not use Yahoo mail, and cannot get it to stop.

Somebody please advise.

Is it something in the registry?

I use IE7, Vista premium, and do not have ANY Yahoo applications installed.

Many thanks in advance


  Marko797 09:23 17 Sep 2007

Is there a chance that u have installed a prog which at some point provided an option to install yahoo mail/messaging, or not? I had this option recently on installing a game and chose not to install. Might be worth checking in ur prog files for a 'yahoo' folder. Failing that go to ctrl panel/settings/add/remove progs and look in there. If u still can't see it, get ccleaner and look in Toools. This will tell u what u have installed.

  Marko797 09:24 17 Sep 2007

go to msconfig and look at what's in ur 'start up'

  kalstras 09:49 17 Sep 2007

Hi and thanks, no it's not in the startup, nor is it in ADD/REMOVE programs.

I have done a Yahoo search in my computer to find all instances and came up blank.

  Marko797 10:08 17 Sep 2007

I don't use IE7, nor have Vista, but could it be that your internet default page has changed - Internet Settings/Options/General? Failing that I'm at a loss, sorry.

  kalstras 10:59 17 Sep 2007

It is none of the above, and yahoo don't have any help available, well not easy to access and they haven't answered my posts...

  ambra4 12:19 17 Sep 2007

Try this program download and run

click here

  kalstras 13:10 17 Sep 2007

nope sorry, anyone else? Bueller, Bueller, Anyone?

I still think it's in the registry but am too wary of the editor to attmept it myself.

Thanks anyhow


  kalstras 13:11 17 Sep 2007

thanks marg, is CCleaner freeware?

  kalstras 13:31 17 Sep 2007

thanks for that, will try it, then on to HP help chat at their website...

I think it's deeper than the routes that are suggested here.



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