Morse reader

  Pidder 18:32 11 Jun 2003

Anyone know of a free Morse Reader program for use with a SW Receiver connected to line-in?

  -pops- 18:38 11 Jun 2003

Tried looking in Google? 78,900 entries for Morse Reader. click here

  Pidder 18:59 11 Jun 2003

Hi Pops - Have already tried Google - found one download at $35 - hoped for a freebie and thought the Forum might short-circuit things.

  Valvegrid 18:59 11 Jun 2003

Why not learn the code. The computer between your ears is much more capable of de-coding it than any computer, especially if it's sent poorly by hand.

Your local Radio Club will be able to help you learn it, but also help in obtaining a foundation license, here is the link to the Radio Society of Great Britain for further information.

click here

Good luck

Paul G4LNA

  Pidder 19:05 11 Jun 2003

Hi G4LNA - Thanks for your suggestion. I did a bit many, many years ago in the Scouts, hoped to try it the easy way.

  -pops- 19:17 11 Jun 2003

I think G4LNA has the best idea. Getting your computer to do it is a cop out, really. Most of the interest in ham radio and similar is being able to understand morse just like any other language and become fluent, isn't it?


  Valvegrid 19:57 11 Jun 2003

As a matter of interest the morse requirement for entry to the Short Waves is likely to be removed at the WRC-03 Conference.

So as I said earlier try for a foundation license which will allow you to use the Short Waves, if you want to try your hand at learning the 'code' there's nothing like using it on the air and it's surprising how quickly you'll learn it.

Sorry to the other guys, it might not seem that this has anything to do with computers, but Amateur radio and computers are very closely related, particularly on the communication side with packet radio and a host of other digital modes in use these days.


  yaesu 20:18 11 Jun 2003

if you really must go this route then go here
click here and have a look. It,s not free however.

  spikeychris 20:45 11 Jun 2003

Should Pidder have to defend him/herself..I think not. He/she has asked a question "free Morse Reader program for use with a SW Receiver". People post questions all the time asking for programs to make their life's easier.

Comments like "If you really must go this route" and "Getting your computer to do it is a cop out" aren't really helpful to Pidder.

"Getting your computer to do it is a cop out" >> is that not what they for?

I've run a search in the groups and the link provided by yaesu seems to be free, the registration seems to be an option. You could download it and see what happens.


  spikeychris 20:47 11 Jun 2003

"Is that not what they *ARE* for?.....

  sgtdibble 21:26 11 Jun 2003

what happened to packet radio?

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