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  sarahx 01:20 25 May 2006

I know there are tons of these queries out there, and I have read through several, but most are involving different brands of software/hardware so I cant seem to apply it.

I am trying to install a BT Voyager 2110 wireless modem/router. I've got it working on my main PC, by using a BT USB plug, but am trying to connect using my laptop with an MSI Cardbus CB11B2. My laptop picks up the signal (says Excellent) although I gather this doesn't mean I'm connected.

I've tried following the MSI manual for this particular hardware, but it tells me to switch to SoftAP, and then click configure. Well I can switch OK, but when I try and config, it tries to sign onto the internet using AOL (my ISP, just to complicate things further) which obviously doesn't yet have an internet connection. I've tried connecting using the ethernet cable, which worked, but now nothing happens when I try and config the software.

When I checked the configIP, I noticed that the wireless IP is currently at 162. something (or whatever my laptop's IP is) as opposed to the 9..? its meant to be for the wireless device. I'm sitting right next to the router, so distance isn't the problem, it just seems my laptop doesn't want to connect properly!

I dont have a firewall as far as I know, I'm using Win XP SP2, ISP AOL, trying to share a wireless connection to get on the internet, and eventually share files if thats possible.

Can anyone help? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  dms05 17:11 25 May 2006

First thing - dump the MSI config utility. That's stopping the Windows XP Wireless Manager from working. Then go to your MSI card in 'Connections' and right click on it, then select Properties. You are now into the XP pages that control the WiFi Connection. Select the Wireless Network Tab and select your network and choose Properies then Connection and tick Connect when in Range. Now look in Advanced and make sure you select Access Point only.

Go to View Available WiFi and see if your WiFi is listed. If you select Connect it will do that (if you have enabled encryption you will be asked to enter the Key now and you can remember it for future use).

You must use some form of encryption!

You will have XP's Firewall running unless you have disabled it. Leave it running.

  dms05 17:20 25 May 2006

Missed out - when In Wireless Tab chose 'use Windows to control my wireless connection'.

  sarahx 21:43 01 Jun 2006

Thankyou for your help, but it still doesn't work. I tried what you said, but the problem is the MSI card itself doesn't come up under connections. I have the wireless signal thats being transmitted (and picked up) from the wireless router, but other than that there dont appear to be any wireless connections I can connect to. I have tried setting up a new one through windows, but it always is unable to disconnect. I did try and use the wireless USB that came with the router (that is normally used on the main PC) on my laptop, and it worked, I got connected etc so do you think the problem is with the network card itself? Thanks again for any help you can give :)

  **NaOmI** 22:13 01 Jun 2006

Hi, I'm also having problems with a BT Voyager router..only mine's a BT Voyager 2091. I have connected to the internet using USB, however, when I try to connect wirelessly using my BT computer disk, it says it cannot detect the router. When I open Netgear (the manufacturer of my wireless network card) it asks for me to enter a WEP key...only I have no idea where to find this!! I initially thought it was the wireless key located on the bottom of the router but this is only a 13-digit key and as my router is 128-bit, it requires a 26-digit code! ANY ideas would be most appreciated!! Many thanks, Naomi x

  ade.h 22:24 01 Jun 2006

As the FE said recently, please do not hijack someone else's thread. It is not good forum etiquette. Start a new thread, with a link to this one if you think that it is relevant to you, and you will get more help.

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