more website appraisal

  Tuds 20:34 26 Apr 2005

Hi all, have also created a websit using Fusion 7, click here although we don't sell condoms! (no disrespect to kieth and his products...) would be interested in any of your comments. found the program fun & easy to use. My brother has sat back and watched me create the site, and keeps on interfereing with logos and other graphics.. The site now changes before I know changes have been made - Should have kept the application to myself! Happy for any comments...

  LeadingMNMs 21:03 26 Apr 2005

Your images aren't particularly sharp, and are a little hard to read. Also, your using the HTML to resize the image - better if you make the image the size you want as this makes it smaller in disk size.

Not sure what the purpose of the frame on the right is.

Personally, I'd prefer to see the text in the purple boxes indented a bit, they just don't look right when they're right on the edge.

And finally, I use a 1280 x 1024 resolution and its annoying when people restrict the width to only 800px, wastes so much of the screen. Much better to use a relative layout, so that people with larger displays are able to use it all.

  sat481 22:45 26 Apr 2005

Hi there Tuds..

I have just looked at the website and I agree with what leadingMNMs says about the right hand frame, what is it for?? and i think the purple shading is not to eye pleasing, it make some of the graphics look fuzzy. Your links all work good and the site is quick on my DSL link. Your products look good.
One other thing I don't like is the clock on the top of the page.. This is just a personal preference of cause, but it basically looking good just needs a few tweaks here and there.

Take care


  mcds01 10:09 27 Apr 2005

i cant see it - every time i click on the link it crashes my firefox!

  pauldonovan 13:24 27 Apr 2005

...the HTML as I'm seeing warnings at the bottom of IE 6.

Also not fond of the large italic font white on purple (not easy to read and a bit 'in your face' or the bit of purple way on the right.)

If you can i'd be tempted to use the space on most people's screen - it all looks a bit top-left aligned to me, maybe I have a higher resolution than most but if you can make it 'centered' then at least it will look better on any screen in my opinion.

How about making those trade association links on the left link off to the relevant sites (if there are any). The CPA image looks a bit squished also, not sure if you can get a better quality one or resize the one you have using an image program without such compression.

Convention says that your logo at the top left should take visitors back to the 'home' page also.

Do you have any images of the company's work? It is very textual but as a customer i'd want to see sexy looking conservatory and window installations you've done.

That's it for now!



  pauldonovan 13:25 27 Apr 2005

just found the gallery, but maybe you should put some images around the site and have a link to the gallery within the main page (I might not see the gallery link expand - as I didn't).

Again, the heavy italic text makes for difficult reading in my opinion.

  Forum Editor 19:50 27 Apr 2005

that the over-large italic text is wrong. Try keeping the header in italic and lose the italic on the body text with a reduced font size - say 9 point.

In the table properties dialogue box set the cell padding and spacing to 4 (or even 6) and see the difference it makes. Tension is created when text is jammed tight up against the cell border.

Firefox alters the NOF bullet points from dots to diamonds, otherwise all seems well.

On the doors page, what are "120 different ral colours"? It's very important to check and double-check text, because when you're designing sites you tend to concentrate so closely on a little tweak here, a change of alignment there, that you overlook typos that others spot immediately - we all do it.

I would lose the time-stamp and date on the top of the pages - it isn't at all necessary.

  Tuds 19:58 27 Apr 2005

Many thanks for taking the time to reply, all comments have been taken on board, found them very constructive and will persue perfection (brother permitting!!) Watch this space...

  cbr keith 23:43 27 Apr 2005

but thought I'd give you my thoughts.

It'd be nice if the trade graphics on the left linked to their site. Your "duraseal" graphic top left isn't very clear and I couldn't read the red writing at all (if it is writing?!).

Personally I like a clear, crisp look to a website, I think it looks more professional and I found the purple theme a bit "loud". But it's down to personal preference in the end.

I wondered also if it would look better if you kept the same look to the text througout the pages? The black italics on white doesn't look good at all.

The home page looks ok, but fills the screen with text that doesn't say that much. Why not have a couple of pics of a window & conservatory install that you've done right there on the home page for a bit of "WOW" factor???

I see you liked Fusion 7 too, makes us almost look like we know what were doing eh?!

  steve263000 13:47 02 May 2005

Hi tuds,
I have had a quick look at the site, and I am definately no expert. Ask the members who have helped me! However this is my opinion for what it is worth. The purple for my tastes is ok, not to loud, but the words go right up to the edge of the box. Very readable, but slightly "not right" for me. The photos of the windows and doors are a different matter. Many of them are slightly out of focus, and these days the "sharpen" tool on most photo manipulation packages is very good. I would go back out with the camera again, and this time be more careful with the photo manipulation before you upload them. Apart from that, it is a quick site to look at and easy on the eye. (but then I quite like the purple).

  PurplePenny 17:03 02 May 2005

(not that you'd guess it from my name!)... but it does become blue or red when viewed by someone with certain forms of colour blindness.

Test your page here to see what happens: click here

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