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  Ray5776 19:16 04 Jul 2007

Hi everyone,I have recently changed my ISP to TalkTalk as it looked like the best deal, I am now begining to wonder if it was a wise move, I was connected on 20.06.07 and have still not received the FREE modem and setup CD but I have already by Direct debit been charged £29.99 for the FREE modem which I do not even have.
I have phoned them on this and other prolems I am having with my account if I can get through and understand the person I am speaking to.
I am still within the 30 day cancellation period and so far am not at all impressed with their service so far.
Would anyone with similar or better experiences like to advise me on this please.
I did ask for advice in a previous posting but thought it was sorted so closed it.


  EJ1947 19:49 04 Jul 2007

Been there
Done it
Now wish I had never heard of talktalk. Only redeeming feature is the price.
I signed up last November and they lost my details so signed up again in January (this confused them totally). No modem arrived by my connection date so had to buy one myself. Finally connected in JUNE - 6 months on.
Last straw they did this LLU thing this week at the exchange and my speed has dropped from 1900 kbps to less than 600 kbps. I should get "up to 8000 kbps.
If you are able to cancel I suggest do.
Good luck.

  Stuartli 19:56 04 Jul 2007

You have not been charged for a free modem; the information about joining TalkTalk clearly states: "A one-off connection fee of £29.99 applies for new customers."

However, TT is occasionally (or even more often!) remiss about delivering the modem and Connect to Go disk on time.

It happened to me just over a year ago and, after complaining in an e-mail to Charles Dunstone, I was contacted from its Warrington HQ by a representative.

It resulted in me being refunded the £30 connection charge plus a £20 good will gesture.

  Stuartli 19:58 04 Jul 2007

Since then I've had no problems, the billing is spot on and since March I've been on the "up to 8MB" rather than 2MB.

Current BB speeds range consistently from 6MB to 6.6MB.

  JayDay 20:03 04 Jul 2007

I'm with TT. the customer service is amongst the worst I have ever come across. However now that I'm switched over the connection has been stable and fast. I just hope I never have to phone them again. You may benefit from learning Punjabi

  cocteau48 20:51 04 Jul 2007

Have always been a TT fan.
Signed up last July - modem and disk arrived within 8 weeks as promised - set up no [email protected] meg.
(I was told that the £29.99 covered the cost of the modem)
Unbundled at local exchange late October and things went pear shaped as anticipated resulting in TT suppling a new SmartAx modem FOC with ethernet capability.
After initial ten day bedding in period settled down to a constant 3.5 to 4 meg which is about the best which I will get due to my distance from the exchange.
Occasional blip around 16.30 to 1800 when download speed would drop dramatically which I put down to the exchange being between two large comprehensive schools and lots of pupils getting home and logging on at the same time thereby putting an undue strain on the local exchange.
The problem I now have is that since the start of the school summer holidays the drop off in download speed is extending from late afternoon right through the evening and I do not think that the equipment in the exchange can cope with the increased demands being put on it.

I have to say that the TT customer support at any level are a complete waste of space and would agree with Stuartli's comments that the only way to get any action is to email the CEO himself.
He is about to get his lug chewed about my current problem.

  Stuartli 21:01 04 Jul 2007

At the time I joined you had to pay both the connection fee and for the modem (if you required one).

  Sea Urchin 23:30 04 Jul 2007

TT have the worst admin system I have ever encountered, but since I was connected last September I have been extremely happy with the service = both telephone and broadband. And still one of the best deals cost wise.

  Migwell 00:01 05 Jul 2007

I have read through this thread and what a laugh. I have never heard such a load of drivel. Best thing I ever did was to go with TT. Had a fault with the telephone line a while back and it was fixed within in a couple days. I then receive both Text messages and phone calls checking if all was well. I also had a slight problem with the broad band again It was fixed in a couple of days after they rang me back on my mobile at home so I could unplug every thing from the line, phones sky box and modems etc. They went through all sorts of tests with me. When that was exhausted they said that within a couple of days of checking through the exchange if they found no fault there, they would come out and go through the wiring at my end. The next day it was working again and then two phone calls and three texts asking me to get back in touch if I was not happy with anything.

All in all a fantastic service I would NOT move from them, and at the price it is only the best service I have ever had from a telecoms supplier, further more I don't work for them , just in case you all think I did.

Usual speed is about 4.5mb good enough for me.


  Stuartli 08:15 05 Jul 2007

Must also mention that my best mate joined TalkTalk last month (his first BB connection at home).

He was up and running in 13 days from placing the order at a Carphone Warehouse outlet.

Just done a quick speed test on my system - 6.3MB.

  cocteau48 08:36 05 Jul 2007

Yes Migwell I would agree that once you get your problem logged with the appropriate department they do their best to sort you out. I too have had the calls and texts to my mobile to keep me informed of progress with faults but it is getting the initial fault logged with the right person which can be so frustrating.
The last time I had a line fault (and I have had more line faults with TT in 12 months than I ever had with BT ) I had to resort to visiting my local CarphoneWarehouse in order to get the fault logged on their computer. OK they promised a callback within 8 hours and the problem was actually fixed before I even got the callback but by that time the blood pressure was on the up.
Also finding a dedicated option on their phone line to report a line fault and then discovering that it is only available during normal office hours is almost unbelievable.
Anyone who has followed my postings on this forum over the past year will know that I have always gone out of my way to defend TT - the price is excellent and you put up with minor glitches because of that but:
IF ONLY you could avoid the mind numbing frustration of going through the dreadful,and I still maintain,useless Asian call centre.

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