more space on xp partition

  stan kyle 22:49 20 Jun 2003

the partition which xp is on is now to small
i have me on another partition which i would like to delete how do i go about
uninstalling me then increasing the partition size for xp

  jazzypop 23:02 20 Jun 2003

Three options -

1. Fdisk both partitions, recreate as a single partition. Pros - free. Cons - you lose all of your data on both partitions (backup first), time-consuming to reinstall all of your software.

2. Buy a copy of PartitionMagic 8. This will allow you to delete the ME partition, and 'extend' the XP partition into the free space. Pros - simple and effective. Cons - RRP price about £50 - a lot to pay if you only plan to use it once.

3. Buy another hard drive, fit it alongside your existing one. Pros - you get real extra storage space, you can keep ME if you want to, not much more expensive than a copy of PartitionMagic. Cons - a bit more expensive than a copy of PartitionMagic for a useful size drive.

  keith-236785 09:15 21 Jun 2003

Make yourself a windows ME startup disk
Start/Settings/Control Panel/add-remove programs/ startup disk tab/create start-up disk

if you are willing to scrub the whole drive and start again, you could just right click on drive D: and choose format.

that would remove ME, then put the start-up disk you just created in your computer and restart your system

it should boot to a menu (if you have floppy as first boot device), if not you would have to change the bios so it is.


1.start this computer with cdrom support

2.start this computer without cdrom support


choose option 2

when the computer has finished booting type E:

(this is the virtual drive created on booting, not your cd rom)

type fdisk + press enter

follow instructions to

1. remove logical drives

2. remove extended drives

3. remove primary drive

then create the primary again but to a bigger size (thats if you still want two drives),

create extended drive then logical drive within the extended drive

restart your computer (leave the floppy in)

let it boot, choose option 2 again


then type format c:, accept warning about losing all data

when it is finished

press enter to name the drive or give it a name (your choice)

then format drive D:

when its done remove the floppy, restart your system, reset your bios to boot cdrom first

insert XP cd then restart system again

install XP

good luck, if you dont understand any of that let me know.

  zanwalk 12:26 21 Jun 2003

Why not just format the ME partition, and keep the partition to store all your data on, leaving 'C' with just the operating system and other software?

This way you would not involve yourself in any expense, or have the hassle of reloading all your software.

  keith-236785 17:25 24 Jun 2003

Thanks for the e-mail, however in the thread you make it sound like you have one drive partitioned into two, but in the e-mail you say you have two seperate hard drives.

which is it? so we can try to help

  keith-236785 07:22 25 Jun 2003

Sorry for the confusion

I have 2 drives 40GB
C with ME which the computer tells me is the boot disk 9GB
e,f,g,h, partitions for my files

drive 2 smallest 6GB
D with XP which the computer tells me is the system disk 3.4GB
j pertition spare 2.6GB

I do not use ME and am told that drive D is to small and it wiil disk clean to get more space about 100 - 200 MB when it is finnished.

Again thank you for your time.

  keith-236785 07:36 25 Jun 2003

if you post your replys on here other people will be able to see/help/ get advantage from the help, i dont mind doing it via e-mail but for other peoples advantage it would be best to keep it in the thread.


Do you need so many partitions?
a 40 gig hard drive i would partition as C: 30gig
D: whatever is left.

the other hard drive have as e: (all the drive)

install windows xp on drive c:, keep your imprtant stuff on drive d:.

and use drive e: as a backup drive in case things go wrong.

obviously you dont have to take my advice but i would set the 40 gig as the main drive.

if you could get hold of drive image or norton ghost or something similar then you could copy XP over to the C: drive.

alternatively, BACK UP YOUR DATA then you would need to format c: to get rid of windows ME and reinstall windows XP then once it is all working ok just format the 6gig drive and use it for backing up.

windows XP is really greedy on disk space, my 20 gig drive C: is already 5.61 gig used.

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