more space needed

  redsusan 15:47 07 Oct 2006

I keep getting this message
There is not enough space left on your drive :c.
So what can i do to make more space please.

  ed-0 16:14 07 Oct 2006

What operating system are you using. XP?

open my computer and pick the C drive. Right click it and pick properties. What is the used hard drive space and the free space remaining?

  cycoze 16:18 07 Oct 2006

Empty your Internet cache and temp file cache for starters.

also uninstall any un-needed or un-used programs by usin Add/Remove Programs found in Control Panel, if your unsure about any programs then leave them.

If running XP click on `start` then click on `run`, type in Cleanmgr.exe and click on `ok`, you can now see a new window where you can choose which drive you want to cleanup (if more than one drive in machine).

You can also right click the drive and select properties and click on `cleanup` this allows you to select certain options.

A free program aptly named CleanUp! click here is also good for removing clutter from machines.

Go through your `My Documents` and delete anything you really dont want anymore, also any duplicate files you may have dotted around the machine.

All of that should free up a bit of spave for you, would probably pay to Defrag the machine too after doing the above.

  ed-0 16:20 07 Oct 2006

In my computer, do you have any other drives listed under " hard disk drives "

Download and run ccleaner click here. This will clear a load of the crud out. It will also get rid of cookies. Now cookies are used by some sites to remember you, so you don't have to keep putting in your password.

Un-tick the cookies section if you don't want this feature.

leave the tick there if you don't mind, and can remember, re- entering your passwords.

  redsusan 16:40 07 Oct 2006

My os is xp pro
cycoze- i have done all that and run ccleaner which removed 2,252.5MB.
I have downloaded a few films recently could they be causing a problem somewhere?
I am still getting the same message when trying to convert a film using vso convertxtoDvd.
Tried to defrag and got this message
Volume (c:)has only 4%free space available for use by Disk Defragmenter to run effectively, Disk Defragmenter requires at least 15% usable free space .There is not enough space to properly complete the operation, Delete some unneeded files on your hard drive and try again.

  ed-0 16:48 07 Oct 2006

Well you have reclaimed 2.25Gb via crap cleaner.

System restore uses 12% of your hard drive, by default. So if you have a 200Gb drive, average for some units, then system restore would eat up 24Gb of space.

A total waste of space.

thats why I asked the size of your drives and if you had others.

System restore works quite well with under 1Gb of space allocated to it.

  redsusan 17:00 07 Oct 2006

Please bear with me I'm quite new to asking questions on forums and am a bit nervous of looking a complete idiot.
Anyway used space 73.3GB
Free space 3.34GB
Capacity 76.6 GB
And how do i find what other drives i have and there size.

  cycoze 17:18 07 Oct 2006

If you go into `MY Computer` you will see how many Hard Drives you have, if you only have the one drive and have done all of the above to make more room, you may have to consider getting another drive to use as a slave either internal or external.

  cycoze 17:22 07 Oct 2006

Should have also said, if you have other Hard Drives, you can right click them and select properties to see how much space they have as well as there total size, you can also run disk cleanup on them.

  ed-0 17:50 07 Oct 2006

see how much you can free up by doing this.

Right click my computer > properties > system restore > highlight C drive > settings and a page similar to this will appear. click here

Your settings will be around 9.6Gb of space. Move the slider down to around 1Gb. This will give you an extra 8+ Gb of hard drive space. That should give you around 11 extra Gb's of space, since you started the thread;-)

Then as cycoze suggests.

Go through add and remove programmes and delete those you don't need.

Buy yourself a spare hard drive.

  redsusan 19:27 07 Oct 2006

Sorted..i deleted a load of films i had downloaded and now have 54.02GB.Ha Ha i'm so happy. and have learnt a lot again from you guys.
Thank you so much

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