more ram needed

  rwrj8 18:06 07 Dec 2005

ok i just started playing a new gme but needed more ram so i when out to get the most ram i can get but then i hit one small thing. I only got 2 ram card slots on my PC.

is there any way i can use all 3 ram cards with out needing to buy one bigger one and wasting the money on the one i did get

  PaulB2005 18:46 07 Dec 2005

Not sure what you are asking. Please explain clearly what you HAD and what you bought.

Convention says put the two biggest sticks in the two slots.

  SG Atlantis® 19:13 07 Dec 2005

You want to somehow manage to insert 3 sticks of ram into 2 slots?

Paul is right, 2 biggest sticks in the 2 available slots.

  rwrj8 18:34 08 Dec 2005

that the thing i cant go out and buy any bigger ones and i have got the bigger 2 in atm :-(

  007al 22:04 08 Dec 2005

how much ram is on each stick?

  wee eddie 22:43 08 Dec 2005

As the Rustic is reputed to have said.

"If I wanted to get there, I would not have started from here!"

What PC have you got? Name and specification.

What Ram is already installed and what have you bought? Type, size and speed.

  rwrj8 18:13 09 Dec 2005

type - ddr
512MB memory module (that what it says on the box)

old -
ddr 128MB 400 CL3 (says the lable on it)

  Diemmess 18:28 09 Dec 2005

I'm with wee eddie.

It all depends on what your motherboard will accept and its a fact that you can't put 3 sticks into 2 slots.

So if you check with your motherbaord you will find what limits are set as to how much RAM you can fit and in which slot.

Cheer up, if you are using compatible RAM then any addition over 128 is bound to be beneficial.

  wee eddie 18:50 09 Dec 2005

I have to assume that the old 128Mg Ram is slower than the new 512Mb Stick.

If you install both sticks, the new will run at the same speed as the old, so you will have more Ram but running at less than it's optimum speed.

I tried Belarc on my System and it doesn't give the speed of the Ram, just the quantity.

Others here will be able to recommend some free software, which may be able to measure the Ram speed, so I would try it on your system before you make any changes.

Otherwise I would install the 512Mb Stick on its own, into the first slot, and run the PC for a couple of weeks to see how it goes.

If you then reinstall one if the 128Mb sticks in the second slot. You will be able to see if it makes any worthwhile difference.

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