More RAM

  duplo 18:06 16 Mar 2003

I am thinking of ading more RAM to my system.

I currently have 512MB 2700, which is through 2x256 Modules. I have one spare socket. I would like to put a 512MB stick in there.

I have heard that there can be some problems with adding RAM to a third socket. Is this true?

My spec is:
Athlon XP 2200, nForce1 on a Leadtek Mobo, 2x 256MB Modules.

One other thing... ocasionally my machine clocks down to 266mhz Ram and the processor to an xp 1500. Any ideas why? Would this be effected by the extra Ram.

  recap 18:08 16 Mar 2003

You need to check how much Ram your motherboard supports duplo.

  duplo 18:20 16 Mar 2003

According to the web site:
Supports 3 184 -pin DIMM sockets for DDR -SDRAM module
Support up to 1.5GB of memory.

It also says it should only run at 266Mhz... but in the Bios it has an "enable DDR 333". Its enabled and set to aggressive.

  recap 18:24 16 Mar 2003

By your stats duplo, the extra 512 would take it under the 1.5Gb max.

  duplo 18:28 16 Mar 2003


What is the difference between CL2 and CL2.5?
How do I find out what I have?

the nForce chipset is ment to have duel DDR, how do I know if mine has this? Do all nForce Mobo's have this?

  cheapskate2k 18:38 16 Mar 2003

Why do you really want more ram? I recently added another 512 to give me a gig and I havent noticed any change in performance. With the nforce I think you can run the ram with 128 bit transfer which speeds things up, not sure if you can have it with three sticks of ram though. Not sure about cl2 and 2.5, lower is better though!

  duplo 18:43 16 Mar 2003

Well I may take the plunge once all my Uni work is finished, no point messing around now and risk being wothout a pc!

Am planning to do some graphics work, and thought more ram would be useful... Cheers!

  recap 18:46 16 Mar 2003

click here for DDR performances. There are slight differences with CL2 and CL2.5.

  cheapskate2k 18:46 16 Mar 2003

As its cheap at the moment it cant do much halm!

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