More RAM?

  wtkwhite 12:17 29 Aug 2007

I have a problem with my computer which stops it from hibernating. If I go through steps to fix this then I get a blue screen at boot.

I am not concerned, if only I can get a faster boot time.

My current setup:

733mhz PIII
128mb RDRAM
Win 2k Pro.

Will more RAm make an impact on my boot time?

  wtkwhite 12:20 29 Aug 2007

Oh, I forgot to add.

I think opening my AV and FW slows down the logon too. I have automatic logon on.

Will it help?

  wtkwhite 12:57 29 Aug 2007


Surely this must be easy.

  scotty 13:16 29 Aug 2007

128MB is not very much memory when running Win 2000. At work when we ran Win 2000, recommendation was 512MB. So I would expect you will see an improvement in performance if you increase memory. Whether this will speed up boot time, I do not know.

You are probably loading up unneccessary programs at boot. You could try running msconfig (Start, Run, msconfig) and selecting the Startup tab. This will allow you to select which items you want to load. There are web sites which offer advice on this. Hopefully someone can provide a link.

  keef66 14:06 29 Aug 2007

For that age of pc I think you'll find compatible ram is relatively expensive.

I second Scotty's comment; look at what is loading at startup. You need AV and firewall, but nothing else.

Google for startup or msconfig and you'll find loads of sites telling you what you can safely prevent starting automatically

  paul€ 16:05 29 Aug 2007

MSconfig was never a part of windows 2000 but you can download it to work on your machine. click here

More ram, as above. Clean your msconfig/startup programs. Download and use crap cleaner and stop "I think opening my AV and FW " from loading at start up.

  wtkwhite 08:56 30 Aug 2007

Thanks. i use msconfig and have the bare min booting, but am still slow. The computer is generally slow anyway so I might upgrade to 256.

Thanks guys.

[Looks for RDRAM. Very expensive]

  wee eddie 10:37 30 Aug 2007

Unless you are very knowledgeable about RAM use the Crucial Site, click here get it's Checker to recommend what you need and buy from them.

It may cost you a little more, but compatibility is a major problem with RAM (There are so many variables), and if there are any compatibility problems they will replace without argument.

  paul€ 18:14 30 Aug 2007

" [Looks for RDRAM. Very expensive] "


It'll be cheaper to get a new system alraedy loaded with vista £199 ;-)

  DrScott 19:42 30 Aug 2007

old RAM is always very expensive, and you'll get much more satisfaction by purchasing a new computer. A PIII? Think my mobile phone is more powerful than that?! (only kidding!)

  wtkwhite 10:58 01 Sep 2007

Hey, quit it. I'm still at secondary school.

Maybe even up to 512.

733 is enough for my needs and the computer was a donation. My laptop is somewhat mmore useful.

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