more ram

  iqs 16:59 20 Mar 2004

hi..i have 448mb of ram,graphics card is using 64.i bought an extra 256mb.when inserted it still states 448mb.this is stated on the pc specs.i have removed it 3x,still the same.any advice.i have p4,xp ,e mahines 5210.

  Totally-braindead 17:03 20 Mar 2004

Go to click here and check you have the right memory

  iqs 17:54 20 Mar 2004

i have used the link ,but my pc modal is not listed.i returned the chip,pc world tested it.they said it was working fine.there reply was its your slot...but its a new pc bought from you.......bring is back and we will test it.please any more suggestions.iqs

  Totally-braindead 17:56 20 Mar 2004

Is this a desktop computer or a laptop?

  iqs 18:03 20 Mar 2004

hi totally-braindead,its a desktop.details of the ram follows.......256mb pc2700 ddr 184 pin 333mhz dimm.

  Totally-braindead 18:12 20 Mar 2004

Its not much help but I had a problem with a friends computer due to the memory, it worked perfectly in my computer but wasn't recognised in his. This was due to a thing called latency. His computer was an Emachines one as well, what I would do is email Emachines and ask them precisely what type of memory your computer needs. ie speed and latency. Only other suggestion I have is remove all the memory and try the new memory chip in on its own and see if the computer will start up. Its possible that there is a bad connection in the slot you are trying to put the memory into. Failing that come back and post again, I'm sure there will be someone in the Forum who knows about Emachines memory.

  iqs 21:41 20 Mar 2004

hello...i have sent emachines an email,you never know.your suggestion to remove the existing memory to the other available slot is a good you say it will prove if the second slot is active.but like they say"if its not broken dont touch".and knowing my luck with pc,s i will do more damage.the funny thing is i was warned about compatibility issues with new memory and motherboards ,but ignored it.that will teach me a lesson.a big thankyou for your advice back to the forum.
cheers iqs

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