More questions on PSUs

  blackstorm2k 00:48 15 May 2004

Just bought a chieftec dragon case with a 360W PSU.
I want to install a P4 3.0Ghz 800FSB Prescott with Asus P4P800D mboard, 512 400Mhz/PC3200 Ram, 2 80mm case fans, XFX geforce 5900 XT, 30GB Maxtor harddrive, PCI modem and Soundblaster 5.1 soundcard.
Please can some1 tell me if this 360W power supply will do or will I have to shell out on another, more powerful one?

I've read one thread about PSUs and some ppl are saying 300W can run a P4 3.4Ghz with 1GB RAm, and radeon 9800!?!?! Yet others say you'll need at least 420W for an Athlon XP 2600+?!?! huh!?!?

Would be grateful if someone could clear this confusion up!

Cheers ;)

  ste_bla 01:04 15 May 2004

It depends on the quality of a psu like a cheap 500w will be only as good as a quality 280w dont know what you will need thou..

  sicknote 01:05 15 May 2004

This will give you idea of the wattage you might need click here

  blackstorm2k 01:17 15 May 2004

Well, it's a chieftec PSU (came with the case). I think it's make is 'Superred' but not heard of these before. Considereing the case was £80, the PSU better be a quality one!

Sicknote - I've tried that website before (thanks anyway) but I'm not sure it's very accurate and the wattage totals up to around 365 Watts, which is just over >:(

  €dstowe 06:18 15 May 2004

Most of my machines are in Chieftec cases with a Chieftec psu as issued. The power supplies of all of them cope quite adequately with anything that they are required to do. Most machine have 3 or 4 hard drives, at least two optical drives and assorted powered and unpowered USB/IEE1394 devices attached.

My only adverse comment is that they aren't the quietest in the world. This doesn't matter too much for us but if you have you computer in your bedroom, it may cause a bit of insomnia if left switched on.


  Dumble452 07:27 15 May 2004

I think the PSU wattage calculator assumes everything is working flat out which is unlikely to ever be the case. This gives a built-in factor of safety to what at the end of the day is only a guide.

  sicknote 11:04 15 May 2004

As Dumble452 said it's only a guide but give you a rough idea and at the top of the page it says the following.

Please Note: The Wattages listed below are maximum potential wattages for each item. The total amount this calculator figures is for all devices running at peak utilization. It is important to bear in mind that this amount will never be reached under typical operation. However we feel that this tool will give you a better idea of how much power your system will need. After all when it comes to power, it is better to be safe than sorry. !!!!!

  blackstorm2k 13:15 15 May 2004

So the chieftec 360W PSU should cope with all the listed then?
I know I'm constantly asking questions, but I don't want to blow up over £500 worth of equipment!!!

Cheers ppl :)

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