More PSU help needed

  johndrew 16:26 28 Nov 2011

A short while ago I asked for help with noise that was diagnosed as likely to be from the PSU. The noise is becoming very persistent and annoying and I am looking for a reasonable replacement PSU.

My current PSU is a Hiper Type-R Series 480W unit which I have searched for online but been unable to find. As a result I am looking for a reasonably priced replacement and become quite confused.

I searched Amazon for PSUs and found a very large number. I also read up on them and found the experts consider the cheaper units can be suspect in their specified outputs and heating - this has been borne out by some reviews I have read.

I have searched quite a few sites and found a number of PSUs that may do the job that are in my price range (e.g. Coolmaster) and one or two that are at the very top (e.g. Corsair) but I am still uncertain if any would suit my purpose as I am aware that AMD CPUs and graphics cards in SLI have specific needs.

I am open to suggestions other than those examined, but would like a quiet, half decent item that will last as I can always keep it as a spare and may use this PC for storage (or similar) when I replace it.

Could I yet again throw myself at the mercy of those who have the technical ability to advise as to a suitable and reliable unit, please.

With thanks in anticipation.

  gengiscant 17:14 28 Nov 2011

Helpful to mention a price range and you are looking for nothing less than 500W and all depending on your budget,a modular PSU is best. Then what sort of connectors do you need, mainly Sata with a few Molex? Do you need PCI-e 8 or 6 pin for a graphic card? 20+4 ATX connector with separate 8 pin EATX?

What is your motherboard and graphics card?

  spuds 19:06 28 Nov 2011

Indeed it would look like the model you have, as now been discontinued. It looks like the nearest recommended substitute is the Corsair.

Ebuyer had these advertised, so I would suggest that you email them, and ask what they have as recommended replacements?.

  johndrew 20:26 28 Nov 2011


Many thanks for coming back again.

I was considering a budget of around £40 but would be willing to go to around £55 if the PSU was worth it.

I posted links to a couple of PSUs that may do the job in my original request. Whether these are any good I don't know for certain but they looked hopeful to me.

Given the existing PSU is 480W (nominal) and I have added two extra HDDs, I think I need to be around the 500W mark; although, within reason, the larger the PSU the less strain it will see.

The system: Motherboard Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe 3 x HDDs all SATA 2 x CD/DVD drives ATA (Molex?) 1 x Floppy drive - which I use Case fans (Molex) 2 x Asus 6600GT PCI-E (I think these are powered through their motherboard slots)

Does this give you enough information?

  johndrew 20:30 28 Nov 2011

Thanks for coming back spuds.

At least I appear to be right about my existing PSU not being available now; it also looks as if Hiper are in the same boat.

I have posted for gengiscant as he requested and shall await his suggestion/recommendation as well. It looks as if I shall need to look towards the top of my budget, but if the PSU is good and can be used elsewhere in an emergency then it is worth it.

  gengiscant 09:38 29 Nov 2011

Sorry i did not get back to you yesterday,a medical condition means I am in the land of nod very early these days.I have listed a choice of PSU's all considered to be reliable and efficient. None of these are modular,which I prefer, as they tend to be more expensive. You might like to use this Power calculator which will give you an idea of your needs. I think you will be surprised that you do not need as big a PSU as you might think. Any further questions fire away.




  johndrew 10:46 29 Nov 2011

Many thanks for the information.

It seems I was headed in the right direction as your first link (Coolermaster) is the same item as mine and the Corsair unit is the same range but lower output; hence cheaper. The Antec unit is not one I found.

Although more expensive I am drawn to the Corsair unit. My preferred supplier would be Overclock as I have used them before. However comparing the specification and part numbers there appears to be a slight difference; could it be the Scan Specification is slightly older than the one shown by Overclock? I also like the fact I can save a few pounds as well!!

  gengiscant 11:07 29 Nov 2011

You are quite correct it looks as though the Overclock's version is a slightly different spec. One reason I did not think to look at Overclock as I buy most,if not all, my components from Scan as I get free postage,which given the number of parts I buy in a year can save quite a bit of cash.

You could of course get a bog standard PSU for less the twenty quid and others will tell you that they have had no bother with them,I have had a cheapo blow and take out the rest of the PC so I tend to buy higher end PSU's to lessen the chance of that sort of thing happening. I see no point in spending a grand on components and then relying on a cheap PSU to power them all.

So if I were you I would go for the 500W Corsair it has the necessary connections for your Skt 939 mobo. A board I once had myself about 3 PC's ago if my memory serves.

  bjh 11:20 29 Nov 2011

I'd agree with all that's written above (although I often buy cheap power supplies, and have never blown one up myself... I'd still recommend buying better than that...)

One thing to add... count up the number of molex and floppy connectors you have, and check very carefully that the PSU has sufficient. It may well be worth buying a splitter/ SATA cable at the same time, as adding one as a single-item order can be expensive & frustrating. I often use one anyway, in order to get the neatest cable run on a build. Cables from the PSU may be long enough, but not long enough to be neatly tied away to the side!

I have used that Corsair (nearly the same one anyway, and the cable lengths were sufficient for a reasonable case. If you have an older, larger tower, then ...

  johndrew 11:52 29 Nov 2011

Many thanks to you both.

I had no intention of going for a cheap PSU for the very reason you mention gengiscant, but I have never built my own PC (a project I am considering next year as a replacement for this PC) and have some difficulty understanding the compatibility of components - hence this question.

I only need 3 SATA connectors in this PC and have a splitter for the molex already. If anything I am likely to have a number of ends to tie off.

Thanks again.

  johndrew 14:13 30 Nov 2011

You may be interested.

I found this Corsair 500W unit which I thought was good value along with its partner the Corsair 600W PSU.

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