More than one email address

  MICKY BOY 09:49 13 Jul 2006

Hi All,

I have an email address for me and wife.
Would like to set up a new one using the same server but for business. Using their new name. With a completely new email address is this possible ?

Regards Mick

  Batch 09:58 13 Jul 2006

In a word, yes.

Just go ahead and set it up.

If you are using the same ISP it's even easier, as otherwise you'd need to set the outgoing mail server (SMTP) for the account that you don't connect on to be the SMTP server of the one that you do connect on. As it's all with Orange, this should not be an issue.

  Batch 10:00 13 Jul 2006

One other point, if you go through the whole process from the Orange website and let it install all the settings, you'll probably find that your default connection, mail account and settings are based on the new account. You may want to adjust these afterwards. It's really a matter of personal choice - do you want the original account to be the default or the new one.

  MICKY BOY 10:09 13 Jul 2006

I want the new one not to show, even in properties the old account details.
My old email has my wife’s school nickname i.e BooBoo in it as you can imagine not good on a firms email.
What do you suggest ?


  johnnyrocker 10:47 13 Jul 2006

the new one will be whatever you decide it to be.


  Woolwell 11:01 13 Jul 2006

With Orange (previously Wanadoo and before that Freeserve) you can have any name before the or However you cannot change the username part without getting a new account. If you have something like [email protected] then you are stuck.

I think that a better option for a business is to buy a separate domain name. The e-mail with this can be accessed through Orange and delivered to Outlook Express or Outlook or another e-mail client.

  Woolwell 11:16 13 Jul 2006

Apologies if I have inadvertently put a correct e-mail link above. Please ask FE to delete if necessary.

  MICKY BOY 11:22 13 Jul 2006


have just found out on orange website what you have just told me Thanks for info

Thanks to my wife, I seem to be stuck with BooBoo on my email address


  Woolwell 11:25 13 Jul 2006

Domain names plus an e-mail account can work out quite cheaply. Have a look at 1&1 for a starter.

  spuds 11:43 13 Jul 2006

If you go via Woolwell suggestion, you will find it easier for a business purpose. I use 1&1 click here on a number of business accounts for this very reason.

  Stuartli 11:48 13 Jul 2006

Several years ago, because I "bagged" the first e-mail address with WorldOnline with our surname after the @ and before i.e., my son decided he didn't want for his own WOL service (vanity?)

So he set up a domain which costs under a tenner annually to retain and, what's more, the family can all use it despite living in different areas.

Further, my [email protected] is not even listed in Outlook Express/Thunderbird e-mail accounts, yet e-mails are still collected in the normal fashion; it's the same for the other family members.

How he did it I'm not sure, but no doubt down to IT support consultant status know how...:-)

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