More network queries!

  monkon2 22:40 12 Feb 2004

just setting up a small home network based on a tutorial i found. everything is fine apart from one query:

when sharing my internet connection, one of the boxes that has to be checked is:

'establish a dial up connection whenever a computer on this network attempts to access the internet'

I am on broadband, not dial up, do i still need to check this box? if not do i need to do something else?

also i was wondering if my kids could access apps as well as folders from my machine when connecting from theirs via the network?

cheers in advance, sorry about the long post!!

  Forum Editor 23:37 12 Feb 2004

or do anything else.

Your children will only be able to see directories and/or files on your machine if you enable sharing for them (the files and folders that is).

  monkon2 00:07 13 Feb 2004

do i need to check the allow other network users to connect box?


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